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One of the best things i've ever seen. I don't know how to describe it. I think it will lose money by the time you cashed out on adam sandler and paid him everything but i would just love to see people flooding into target to buy basketball shorts and I dunno like a big puffy jacket. That's like the medium size has like fifty two inch chest no you. That's a no brainer. One hundred percent and did the crossover. There is just insane and he was almost any celebrity to have like a chip and joanna at target. Yes thought that. Do adam sandler. They've done They do collaborations target. But i just. I i think i think that would get a lot of They'll get a lot of buzz. A of eyeballs on that. I think Adam sandler it also never do it. But if he's listening he should think about it. Gouges loved to go in mentioned the target dog is using the target dog for promo for like adam. Sandler is just on a commercial and the dog just like farts. The what the the targets dogs names fought. Spot or yeah. Yeah 'cause i thought it was because the What is it is in. How're had. i think that same brand breed of dog. Whatever it is. Yeah the spuds mackenzie mackenzie dog. Which i think is like a the terrier of some sort. It's a look this up. See the old bull terrier. Okay i'm going to send you video one of these dogs that every single time. Because i think he gets reused in. It's been a clip for green screen so gets used. It means a lot it. It makes me die laughing every time i watched it dude alive white right now. I'm watching it. It's terrible radio but the dog like runs to the top of the stairs and he's looking around he doesn't know what to do. He runs all the way back. It's a running start his belly flops. Only down to the bottom of this and only way dogwood. It's so funny. I love it so much. I feel like if you.

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