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The cracks in the fighting for weeks like it's just not good beach a lot of change can happen yeah it's gonna be so hot and romantic and by the end of it you're like oh we can't do it for like another few weeks i am burnt up yeah no saltwater even worse he's become such a celebrity they call him king marcio and he sits outside and takes photos with tourists but that's not his only source of income he also has a collection of books that he sells to people passing by for whatever price they think is fair wondering how he's getting away with this the local authorities noticed what was happening years ago so they pass some loss to try to stop it but mateos has already quote established residency on the beach of course he's king of that beach so unless he moves out he's the only one that police can't touch he's set up his own little country on that beach police in brazil can't get him out reportedly says that the only downside to his sandcastle home is that the sand holds in the heat and with the summer temperatures in rio de janeiro soaring to a hundred and four degrees fahrenheit and above sleeping can become nearly impossible is that the only problem like i would think like not having a bathtub or a place to go number two or you got all right on the beach she just walked down getting the water it's warm it's in rio bathroom you got your bathtub and everything all in one place here's the problem you're on the beach so that stuff washes right back up to your front yard.

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