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The freshman. Guess ignored by the speaker of the house, the freshman three marked by words. Look for all of them to push back. I'll gender Cossio Ortez says Cortez says flat out, you know, I'm going to exceed to her now. But I just think it's too early. I'm surprised speaker of the house is going to know we're not gonna impeach the president. Maybe one reason is his deserve to be impeached. But I don't wanna get that getting away. But that doesn't mean because he has to just about everybody in the left. Nancy Pelosi went out of her way to say that she thinks the presence incompetent. But she says it'll be too too divisive for the country to go through an impeachment. Do you think? So how how much different would that be from with the judiciary is doing committees doing how much different would that be from what oversight is doing? They're actually this yesterday. The southern district of New York as for the president's bid to buy the Buffalo Bills. Then there s Deutsche Bank how their funding different Trump operations, then they're trying to find out about insurance. Lago and how much they used in their insurance claim towards actually rebuilding Merrill ago. How does that help the country get better how does that solve immigration crisis? How does that make NATO something that is going to be formidable for the Russian deterrent? How does that help foment any type of democracy in our hemisphere? For example, we're witnessing it now in we're witnessing it now in Venezuela. It doesn't so for Nancy Pelosi to come out and say no impeachment. That's like saying well, the patriots go. I have good news. You know, next year, we're not gonna we're gonna try to win the Super Bowl that is not news. There's just nothing to this. But here's Brit Hume on on the calculated reason cut eleven the more successful. You are the broader coalition of elected officials and the greater the possibility that the such a coalition will become fractious. That's clearly seems to be the case with what Nancy Pelosi is dealing with. Now, she's got a squadron of young and rambunctious members who were not around for a lot of what let lit up to all this and want to have it their way. And it's not clear how well they'll respond to the idea that she's taking impeachment off the table, barring some explosive new development. I think bread that is good politics to avoid impeachment. When the Republicans did it to Bill Clinton, even though he clearly lied to a grand jury. It backfired. He was not convicted in the Senate, and he left office in something of a blaze of glory. So I think I'm sure that's what would Nancy Pelosi's thinking about is. She is she looks ahead to the possibilities. Surrounding Donald Trump, Steny Hoyer, the second in command in the house said this democrat says it seems to me that she which he said was is what we've been saying all along just maybe a little bit stronger Hoyer said on if the house were to attempt impeachment because I think it's going to happen anyway to lead came out and said it yesterday excuse me last week that she wants to move ahead with impeachment. She says nobody thinks is going to be a conviction in the Senate requires sixty seven years Hoyer on House Democrats who would be disappointed if the house will pursue impeachment. He said, quote, we've got sixty two new members not three it begins. It's not about to leave Omar and Cortes, even though the press to their discredit follows them around because they make news, they get big crowds. And now, maybe on some level. They're driving decent ratings. So impeachment is now not something they going to be talking about. Here's the quote from the Washington Post when the view with on policy. I'm not for impeachment. This is news. I'm going to give you. Some news right now. Because I haven't said this to any other person before but since you asked I've been thinking about the impeachment, and it's so divisive to this country unless there's something could Pelling an overwhelming bipartisan. I don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country, and it's just not worth it. I wish they would have thought that before they started two and a half years in the mullet probe. Tom star who lives to impeach the president on on the comments by Nancy Pelosi. He says this speaker Pelosi, he's just not worth it. Well, is defending our legal system worth is holding the president accountable for his crimes cover-ups Worthing is doing what's right worth it or show America, just fight? Stop fighting for our principles and was politically inconvenient. Keep in mind. This clown billionaire has been complaining about the president since the day. He ran let alone the day he won. But as Jonah this one points out, the Republicans don't mind, this talk cut nine Republicans have been talking about it more than Democrats have. And you saw a brief the Democrats have a few prominent Democrats. Walking castro. There's talk about impeachment after the BuzzFeed story, which has since been muddied and walked back a little bit. But since but none of the leaders have. I mean, you haven't seen or Pelosi or any of the lead is actually impatient. I think there's a really important point that needs to be made here, which is while most of the media attention has focused on a few freshmen House, Democrats who are very very progressive. Actually, there are a lot of Democrats who were elected in.

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