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You didn't have to worry about any of that. So it really I think worked out in the padres favor that they were able to play this kinda season because I really think it's GonNa make them better in the future I. Really really do I know I promised San will play when we come back on extra thirty, one, zero, three, three. Kevin Spacey coming up after the top of the hour dip into the text line here. And interesting tax that we can spend a second on. March where to go. For Radio. Sorry. It was responding to my own text message. Essentially it was you're making too much of this. You're overthinking this. They just lost to a better team. Let's move on. Well, yeah. They did like there's no doubt about it but you know it doesn't mean along the way that things didn't happen here that that that fan base didn't get activated. This fan base got activated for the first time in who knows how many years not the die hards were there all the time like we understand that but everywhere you went in this town, it was hard not to see somebody wearing a padres shirt I know that's not evidence of of anything other than people's clothing choices but everywhere you went you seem to see something everybody you talked to even zoom calls or Any sort of professional atmosphere as much as those have changed certainly seemed like the conversation for the first time in a long time was on the padres and nine seven, one number overthinking it sir, we had a great run were beaten by a better team. It's okay. They said twenty twenty. We'd go to the playoffs. So I'm feeling okay as a fam- I don't know I. Don't know exactly what that's in reference to but I think that there's a lot to take away from this other than you went to the postseason and finish the year thirty, seven and twenty three and I can play like there was a lot of things that happen on the field specific to the. Quality of play and the secondary tertiary stuff that happened as a result of this team to around. So there's a lot to it. I don't think he's over thinking because you mentioned again at the expectation that the padres fans would have been happy with five hundred. I. Would think that after what you did what you know you have and some of these players and what you did even short and season I can't imagine there are GonNa be too many podge fans are gonNA to be happy. Next season. You know what? Five hundred would be a good season I think that in this fan base, there's probably a pretty high expectation of coin to the playoffs and continuing to advance. I change. Again, you know I wonder where we're going to be out at the beginning of next year with that because you know I, I think you and I would agree here not to be a bucket of cold water but doing it for sixty is a lot different than doing it for one sixty two. So I wonder where we're going to be in terms of expectation next year because it's a totally Different game it's a totally different, totally different sport when you're playing one, hundred, sixty, two time, right. So where we are with regards to that is is really anybody's gas but I can't imagine expectations going in reverse to your point. Let's hear from Jay Tango her. We'll start at the top here Jim Russell number two on what this team learned from making its first trip to the postseason in fourteen years..

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