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Didn't look like he did much arizona state but it looks like that obviously the has interesting to play the backup role last year too many wilkins and just attempted a handful of passes so he looks like he he looked to get another option nor shots get actually get get going on in the wiz at south florida yes universe for the bowls university south florida down there in miami in a live there is out of miami so or in tampa so yeah well they'll go and figure that out as they go on as well as i mean just looking around here obviously there's some more transfers we had quarterback former nick nick harvey quarterback from texas and transferred over to south carolina now that he's a again graduated from 'em will be eligible to play as graduate transfer over at over at the university of south carolina so we plan for the gamecocks cooled just interesting transferring letting transfer within the within the conference to kind of not very not very a common be able to do that all right looking at some other stuff as we have guys that are always i mean there's always new new crop of guys and we like to compare them to their to the to the previous people that went ahead of them so here's a minimalist espn key likes come out with list and everything all these big call mike copycats clones or twins or whatever we talked about the baker mayfield cloned in the fact that he there's a couple of trace mcsorley is one of them for sure at penn state obviously one of the guys clean back this season to play and maybe a fight for that prize and trophy.

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