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So one of the things that was mentioned in the I would call it confusion, I would say that there was confusion. Okay. Well, from people online at least, which I guess is no shocker, but that's where I get my information. You can explain this best. You think so? Yes, I do. Well, there are some people saying that, apparently, when eichel was interviewed by butcher goss, mind you, we still have the exclusive, but just aren't exclusive excuses. When he was asked a similar question to the would you have came back to play for the sabers? I guess his answer was I'm not sure, you know, I didn't know, but when we had him on, we asked the question, you know, would you have came back and played for the buffalo Sabres and what he said was, is as soon as they told him he couldn't get the surgery, he was willing to say if you allow me to get the surgery that I want. I will come back once I'm healthy in a buffalo Sabres uniform, which I completely agree that he would have done that because for two reasons. Then more than likely he would have gotten it gotten it later in the summer and then he would have been able to play in the Olympics. So it does benefit him at some regard. But as he mentioned during the interview, he said, I was willing to try to boost my stock. So if I come back and I'm playing healthy hockey, and I'm at a point of game, maybe it opens up the amount of teams that are willing to trade for you then at that point because you've got to think the risk of taking it on with how the surgery goes was a deterrent for probably some teams to where they didn't even get a package ready. Exactly. Whereas once that would have been proven where the surgery, which I believe has been done in one other sport. It's been done in a bunch of other sports. It's never been done in hockey. So either way, we just wanted to clear that up. I thought that was and the thing is sorry that you actually brought this up too. Tarasenko wanted a trade and who knows what's gonna happen, but he's shown up he's played well. And went back. You never never know. And he lights it up and the team's winning, which they're doing great right now. Everyone better than everyone thought. You just never know. So the fact that he was willing to do that, I thought went a long way and it never got out into the news at any point. That's a great point. The Bob Dylan shirt, I know you were talking about that after you didn't like him. I'll be honest, man. I'm not the biggest Bob Dylan guy. Hey an online. Granelli said everyone was dog and Bob Dylan. I don't know that many songs. I just know he's one of the all time greats. He's a classic artist, no doubt. He's one of his Grammys. He's changed the game a lot, but this is my test for a guy made my generation. I don't have one fucking Bob Dylan album was CD. I never have. I'm not saying he's not good about it. Just not my cup of tea. Apparently he wasn't the nicest guy either. Yeah, I think he was known as a bit as an asshole. A bit of a grump. Yeah. That's what I hear. I don't want to start rumors that sometimes I get my stocks. He's no doubt alleged of The Rock and roll game the old school rock game, but Jack's a huge classic rock fan. That's why we kind of brought out our first interview with him. I think pre business days, yeah, that was one of the big foodies. All right, moving right along. Appell Brady could chuck no surprise. He gets the sea and Ottawa becomes the tenth captain in Senate's history. Also the youngest coach DJ Smith said quote, he's beneath the irine Oscars two years old, and he's lived the NHL and knows nothing but it. So I think that gives him a leg up and we're talking about, you know, a young captain and quote, and of course his father was a 21 year old captain of Winnipeg back in 1993. I mean, we've talked about it before this guy was just like all set. This is like genetically predisposed for Brady to chuck to be NHL captain. You're getting some of the best advice on a daily basis via text or phone call. And I am not going to give away who we interview, but we kind of beat this subject up quite a bit today is a lot of times with the way the league goes and how young it is now. These seeds are getting slapped on young guys. I mean, look at Jack. You know, who did he get a chance to learn from in Buffalo and how to do it. So despite the disadvantage you might be as a young captain in today's game, at least he's able to get that advice from his old man and other people that I'm sure he's hung around this whole life. This is what should be going on. This is the way that things are done. And you need that. Because if you know in order to have a winning team, you got to have the right leadership and the locker room galvanizing the group and getting them heading in the right direction. And it's not easy, man. Some of these guys kind of get put on an island. And I just figured I'd mention Jack as an example. No, it's true. And just to have your father have had the career he did and just learning. That kid knows more about hockey before he got into the NHL than most guys once they've played a couple of years. It's just he's been around the game that long. I think Matt will probably be the captain in Calgary. I know it's like name was out there in that Ikea room. Apparently they were fucking apparently that was phantom. I saw his name and then I was like, what? That doesn't really make much sense. But he could end up being a captain in Calgary. I'm really happy for Brady. And it goes to show. If you're somebody who's willing to fight, you can score. You can do it all. It makes all the more sense to be a captain, right? He's not a one way player. He does every little thing. And I think guys absolutely love playing with them. So that's the biggest factor right there. And being in a locker room since coaches two years old. Oh, yeah. Basically been training to be an NHL guy your whole life. So congrats to you, Brady. We know you're gonna do great things in Ottawa. Moving right along another bad story out of Chicago, but I guess compared to the last several this isn't all that bad. Head coach Jeremy Colton was fired Saturday after the team was pasted 5 to one Friday night by Winnipeg. I left them with a one 9 and two records, so they finally get rid of calls and they brought in Derek king. He was promoted from HLA HL Rockford. He's been named interim coach for the rest of the year by interim GM Kyle Davidson. The hawks did win his debut two to one Sunday Night in overtime versus Nashville, Carlton was in his fourth season with the team in the first of a two year extension, just another move Bowman made that probably was not for the best. But either way, Chicago is moving on. It looks like they're finally kind of scratching everything away from these last think of the last several months biz and you know, this gives them a little bit more leeway, but cushion. Yeah, well there's three ways to go with this. The fact that I think that there is a bit of a rift between Bowman and Bill, I don't want to say a personal level, but he kind of wanted him out and I think that there was really no winning and whatever coach you were going to put in that position, especially a very young coach first time.

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