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Yes i agree with you and when it comes to the near death experience the most recent book of yours i read was the light beyond and you identify nine traits of the experience. You say a sense of being dead peace and painless nece and out of body experience. A tunneling experience meeting with people of light meeting with the more supreme being of light a life review a sense of rising rapidly into the heavens anna reluctance to return. Now these are all things that people definitely associated with andy ease. But what's curious to me is not all of these happen to everybody every time. Why do you think there is that variance. do you think it has to do with the medicines. A person is under when it comes to a hospital based experience could relate to memory. What do you think well. I'm not sure but one thing. I am pretty confident it has to do with is how close the person got today. Like all the thousands of experiences people talk with. There's about fifteen common elements like you're saying that the nfl ability of it the inability to put it into words the feeling of being out of the body and going through a tunnel and seeing one's life and review and meeting deceased relatives and so and not everybody has the whole picture and it seems to be related on a certain level to how close you got to death like people with only a momentary cardiac arrest will be more likely to tell you for example. I got 'em on bonnie. And then i came back quickly or if the cardiac arrest goes on longer people may i went through the tunnel and i began to see my life interview whereas once where people will talk about seeing everything in the common list. Those are in my experience. Almost always the people who have these cardiac arrests that are so long. They don't make any sense. Like i've talked to people who are believed dead for two hours or you know just for things that don't really make any medical sense and yet they happen and it's not in variable because sometimes people even with a very brief cardiac arrest. We'll have a very elaborate experience. But and the general cases it does seem to relate to how close they got to death. Yeah very interesting. And it's funny that some people are afraid to look at these things or intimidated by them. I find them to be fear. Reducing anxiety reducing. And if we just think about our age a little bit. We are in a time where fear and anxiety. I can't remember when they were any higher. And if you start to think about what is life about what does happen when we die. What clues can we get. I think it's great armor against anyone who might wanna make you fearful in this life because it's just a story. Yeah it does. Like i said as long as you can hold onto that framework and yet you know this life being immersive presents itself relentlessly to you and so it's hard to maintain that perspective once you're in the midst of some annoyance or another right. It's like i can sort of realized. Yeah this is just a story. But then some personal annoyance intrudes. And i you know all my emotions are engaged and so on and so you you know it pulls you back into it. Which is the structure of it right like you can figure out an allusion by going through a process but then the allusion and troops. And you know you can't help but focus on it..

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