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Up Right now It's 2 33, and we go to the roads. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and here's David said, Ronnie. All right, Thanks. Medicine up north. We go for 95. Cell phones slows before and after 97 through Hebel. Further cellphone really jams up from before Route three down to a vehicle fire, blocking the two right lanes that's right before root for and shall insert. We'll get by there gets heavy again. Boston Road through to a in Littleton upper into 1 28 North Beyond slows from the globally through 28 reading, then further north bound to get heavy through PVT. To Wall Street on ramp 1 28 South Bong, still slow going Walnut Street, Linfield to the globally further south, heavier from foreign to 25 down to that earlier, multi vehicle cry crash blocking the breakdown lane before triple a road in Waltham. 93 South Bong slows from before River Road from after River Road down to 1 33 and and over further south, more delays from the globally to Monterey Lab 93 north Beyond the exit 21 through 38 mystic have that ramps closed till five AM Monday morning. We want cellphone heavy from a from Linfield Tunnel all the way down route 99 August, Dad, we're going to go down the caped out Mid Cape Highway would six westbound still jammed up seven miles old County Road to the Sagamore Bridge. Six days backed up as well. 28 north back about a half mile to the born rotary 1. 30 is now clear. 28 North, Um For that question match because English vitamin Samson's mill Road south of town. Expressways North Um, your on and off the break from granite happen to the O'Neill Expressway. Cellphone heavy from the pipes and upon it again, Grandad into the split, looking at about a 20 minute ride both ways. Route three North, Um, lots of volume getting past long pond road implement, and then you start to go hand over to Derby again. Union into display Lower end of 93 cell phone. You're busy out of the split passed them all. Down on route one. You Jim, both ways. Past stadium at Foxboro. The Pats game starts around 4 25 Expect delays on route 95 4 95 Later today at $24 bn seen delays after 1 39 to the top 4 95 north, heavy from one of five right up past 44 through middle barrel, David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes. And in the four day forecast, it's going to stay breezy and humid. Today high in the mid eighties, then cloudy and humid with rain around tonight, possibly a thunderstorm down to 68 Partly.

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