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It's all about me dan patrick gas there is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week log broadcasting from the mercedes am g men k i gotta get my lori this is dan patrick welcome to the program already in progress final hour meet friday dan on the dench dan patrick show also coming up in just shower shame mclovin will pay the price for talking trash about the seventy sixers also the back row very nervous cleveland happens to lose on saturday night we would have a shower shame with the back row fritzy would you like to take part in the shower shame with mclovin today knowing what is going to be poured on mclovin you know what i'm gonna roll the dice and see what lebrons the cavs can do but it could be very restless night's sleep sadly could've gotten it over with you know but it's still only two oh and the road team hasn't won yet in that in that series and it's lebron makes sense to just keep it out there and see how it plays okay i i will tell you you get purposely make ten times worse yes the liquid will be ten times worse i'll give you one more chance do you wanna go baked beans you're not sure what's going to happen you can go baked beans with mclovin right now in thirty minutes cozy is that sounds i'm going to go okay no deal okay all right to say do you know deal all right we say good morning to our radio and tv partners.

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