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Store plush chocolate shop. Sarah's it is cute and hating on cannons berg. It's a nice little town. It is a nice little talent. the. I think they're the ones that had the old fashioned christmas last year. How did they. I think they were the ones. Let me check myself cans. Very this is also late. Right outside where i work. That's wild to me. Candidates bug canons cannons bug hallmark. Old fashioned christmas. Oh this right. They did so it is cute. Town as acute challenge not acquaint german village though not not as is portrayed in this episode which it was though. That would be so much cooler. Like gosh i know then. They would have the most epic. October fest is also the first time they're in pennsylvania were aereo they were in pittsburgh to. That's right gonna say and kittle. They like to get around the southwestern pennsylvania. Which i'm fine with i was pennsylvania i just looked like it was dark and stormy night. The impel across into the border to pennsylvania. That's my sound of lightning slash thunder. That's in my tiddly man. Oh man all right so before we get too into it. Do you want to get into this. Naps tells booking in this episode okay. The winchester others find themselves at a local october fest celebration in canons. Burg pins investigating a series of suspicious murders being perpetrated by what locals described are seen by the viewers in scenes filmed in black and white as monsters from classic thirties. Horror movies they soon discover. This is the work of a shape. Shifter obsessed with monster movies. The shape shifter has become infatuated with a local bartender. Jaime who got close to as an alternate identity as a friend and coworker the income off the tongue. I thought it was jealous of deans. Budding romance with jamie captures them. Both implants to kill dean and make jamie. It's bride sam finds and frees dean while they battle the shape shifter in the form of count dracula jamie kills it by shooting. It was sam silver loaded gun which it deems a fitting end to its own quote unquote movie the next day dina jamie part with a kiss. It was more than one kiss. They were making out in. The little town square was full. Blow making out like if other people were around probably would have went. Further in episode closes out on sam guessing which movie dean would like to live in and we all know that's porkies to as a side note In cans berg is the pennsylvania. Bavarian october fest. So they do. Have a big prophetic. Do have a big october fest in. Okay bergh's so. I don't know if that's the one that they were using for those but so they accurate on the on the background whether they meant to be or not. It could just don't know. Yeah it's the pennsylvania bavarian october fest. Fun okay so to start this off. I guess who was your favorite monster..

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