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Allie was diagnosed with Lyme disease at twenty one your son Sebastian diagnosed with autism shortly after he was born these are tough circumstances. These are challenges that no one can ever prepare someone for right? Tell us a little bit about how this is effected your life. And how it may have been a catalyst for you to spend more time focus now and giving back. Yeah. Well, you know years ago, I found my found out. My sister had MS, and I decided at that time I should become involved with the Reese to erase MS. So we started doing fashion shows and fashion music shows, right where we'd have a band. We would have a runway, and we're raising money for the cost. And now they're finding drugs that are coming. Close to at least stopping the advance of it. Right. But before that when I first started to make money I wanted to give back because I wanted to help young people who really needed direction in needed a better life. So I built a community center in my hometown of L Myra New York for underprivileged kids, and then I built a summer camp at the fresh air fund in New York, upstate New York. And when I was doing that I was spending time with young kids and watching them really become. Excited about a different life. Because a lot of these kids are from ghettos in New York City. And if they don't have a place to go in the summer, they hang out next to the fire hydrant on the streets. Yeah. And get into drugs and everything, you know, the whole deal. Yeah. So when we opened the fresh air fund summer camp, we took over fifteen thousand kids, and we still take fifteen thousand kids a summer and bring them to the camp and the same thing in my hometown of L Myron York after school. These kids don't have any place to go. There's not a parent home right there from single parent homes, and they go to the community center, and there are mentors and people in the community center hosting programs and watching over these kids, right, right? That's that's that's something that's close to my heart. My like, I said, my parents still to this day. I tried to retire, my mom, and she stayed on for six months, and then Roman Email and said, hey, I want to go to India and build hospitals. Right. So they have a they have a beautiful commitment to the service of others in life. And I would say this. There's always been someone in my in my circle that has been really really instrumental in giving me that direction helping me to see the world happen, even before I see they they know what's going to happen in one of those guys guy by name of sandy green. He was my own. He was a advisor to me was at Harvard Business School when I was at harbor, and he told me he said Ryan, look when you're young and you're torn and you're doing the music, and you're not eating, and you know, you staying up all night at cetera. That's cool and everything, but at some point it's going to catch up, and if you've made some money, and you've made beautiful relationships, you're gonna wanna extend your life. So he said, look you have to get somehow figure out a nice balance to eat well exercise, so that you can enjoy healthy. Yes. Exactly. So for yourself. Did you have like a eating exercise regime that you started to follow? Once you've had some stability in your business. Is that something that you try to weave in now your trainer, I keep myself in good shape? Right. And I was doing a lot of yoga for a while. And now, I I work out just about every day well in some form or another and. Eat. Well, and yeah, not very much meat not much dairy. Right. So I mean, I think in this day and age if you really smart about the way you take care of yourself. You could probably live to be one hundred. Plus. Yes. So that's what I'm aiming for. Yeah. My grandfather just passed, but he was ninety six years old. And no knowing that genes. No one expected it right there. He was still serving. I mean, he's he was also Salvation Army officer..

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