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Can you update us on the records, please? Some are saying my lead is insurmountable. I can't call a two game lead insurmountable. I thought I closed by one last week. No, you both went four in one. Hey. Hard to improve on your deficit when I'm out there going four and one. Okay. I thought you would have closed too, but all I know is that GP is 20 games over 500. 20 games over 500. I ain't no Detroit mercy. Oh gosh. We got a big, big weekend ahead. Some people are calling it insurmountable. I asked people sometimes as I'm like, what do you think about my lead and they say, it appears insurmountable. That's what people are telling me. I know what I need right now. What do you think? There we go. Not this again. You don't try to bring this to television, next week. What if you could start playing music in the B block? I will not. But this is how I get it back. This is how it happens. Game one. Let's go. Game one, Saturday, new Easter. Number two, Alabama at number 24 Texas a and M inside AC law arena. You can watch it on CBS. It's America's most watched network. It's a network of stars. Kim pom has an Alabama minus three. It'll be the final presumably final road game of Brandon Miller is now controversial college career. And this isn't a roadie at South Carolina. I will take a and M in this spot. I think it's got really good potential to be a very competitive game and a very close game. I will go with buzz Williams team, has lost once since February 1 that did happen last weekend at Mississippi state. But I'll go with the aggies, no chance at claiming any SEC crown, but I think they've got enough shooting and enough offense. In the interior specifically to get it done at home, aggies when Aggie's cover. Ever since it's been known that Brandon Miller was connected to a murder. Alabama hasn't been that sharp. Needed overtime to win at South Carolina. Beat Arkansas at home only by three. And then struggled at home the other night with auburn. They were down big. Came back and won the game in overtime, so credit where credit's due. There's your outright SEC champs, but they have not been playing their best basketball recently. That's a big ask for them to go on the road and win at a and M I'm with you. I think Ana wins the game. So I'll take the points. I gotta get him straight up. Game crew. Saturday 2 p.m. eastern. Number 23, Kentucky. At Arkansas inside Todd day arena. You can watch it on CBS. You sound surprised. You picked the game. I know, but I'm just wondering if I got all these networks right. Okay. This is a CBS game. It is America's most watched network. It's a network of stars. Kim pom has an Arkansas -5 as of this moment. We do not know the status of case and Wallace who left Kentucky's midwick game. Vanderbilt with a leg injury of some sort. That's a good point. And not knowing his status actually might change my pick. I'm gonna do it. It's Kentucky to cover if Wallace is available. Arkansas cover if he's gonna know. You have to place your bet right now. Why? Why? Because you can't have qualifiers on everything. You either take Kentucky if you thought it was allowable. I feel like if you thought of this first, you would have said, no, we can do this. But since I came up with the first, you don't want it to happen. I was going through a team and not for thee. That's what I'm hearing right now. I was going through TSA yesterday and they said, can I see your boarding pass? I said, of course. And then they said, what's your lead looking like now? I said, it's two games. And they said, they said, this seems insurmountable. That's what it was said to me. That was the word that was used insurmountable. You got to pick the game. It's either laying points with Arkansas or taking points with Kentucky. I'll take Kentucky to cover. Even I'll let you try and get this lead to be even more insurmountable because I know I know you're taking the hogs and that's now. I know you're doing that. I will take Kentucky inside the number when you see our picks on CBS sports dot com. I will have Arkansas straight up, but Kentucky plus 5. Eric musselman on a senior day? Inside Tate arena? I don't know what that means, but yeah.

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