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What's interesting is that generally when you have two wide receivers and tight in and a tight end drafted in the I eight rounds of an nfl draft. Normally one of those guys goes early and fantasy. All these guys are in the sixth round or later. So i think there's a lot of indecision with denver. There's nobody's putting all their chips into one basket. But the likelihood that one of these guys has a really nice year and therefore is a draft value is very high. Yeah i mean you want nebulous situations you want Of a receiving core like this where. You don't know exactly where it's going to come from. Obviously the reason they're all and values because the quarterback we don't even know who it is and when we decide who it is. We're gonna be disappointed like it's not like he's he's there. Everyone moves upper. Yeah like they both suck so You know it is what it is when i look at these three. I've been hot and bothered for portland sutton this whole off season. I really think he's going to get back. Get strong and then of course the camp reports and some of the videos showing he doesn't look a hundred percent net this time line. I would expect him to look nearly one hundred percent you know he. He said i shouldn't be able to watch and be like i don't think he's right. One hundred Even if he's not there yet. So i am worried about portland sutton Would you take the value jerry. Judy around a little bit more than around later. Where like. I'm the only one in this group that has judy actually ranked ahead of sutton. So he's the key to me because he's going the lowest of these three and i believe in him I would trade sutton. I'm not going to bank on it. He's a great player. And then i'll i guess i'll cut noah fan but that's starting to be how am leaning as well no fantas- i get it. I get all the reasons that fant should break out but the and he can and you guys are laughing because there was just a dynasty trade. Really talk about this please. Yes i tweeted this out to like. So jason if you've listened for a while. I acquired mark anderson jason long ago when the trade mark andrews for john. Ross doesn't sound a stupid as it sounds now right. It sounded reasonable john. Ross obviously didn't pan out mark. Andrews did pay now and therefore i've held it over jason's head for many years. We had the opportunity in a very large dynasty trade. Recently a rare one between the three of us to jason exchange. Knowing and a deal. Where i i gave him mark andrews or other players but i just want people out there to know like if noah fan outperforms mark andrew al die so if you're rooting for the show to have all three of us on it Man that's tough. Mark andrews root for this isn't i don't need to be anti no offense necessarily i just need mark andrews to be a much better than no fant That's all that matters. It also helped like multiple. No offense hype. Pieces started to get written moments after the trade like they were holding the editors hold hold as trae done. Yeah okay released. Released the the The hype but for fan mean. There's there's so many good pass catchers and there's not an elite. Aaron rodgers is not coming to town. Denver i'm sorry. If bridgewater's the quarterback i would feel more excited about the potential of fanta haven't every week role and a golden rule. I could trust. That's where i would get a little more excited. I mean i just cut him in the keep trade cut even though i traded for him because the other guys represent more upset. I'm gonna keep coralline sutton still trae jerry. Judy and cutting off fan. But i will say this. I mean if we rewind the tape over a year jerry. Judy has been a guy in love with he was. He was almost the mike guy last year. I think the talent is off the charts..

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