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And try to run away from Randy Gregory, who not only punched him down, but Gregory Knocking the ball out of the hands of Sanders, is it? Was flying out of bounds and Randy Gregory showing you that tremendous athleticism and speed or no kid. He runs right with Miles Sanders all the way to the sideline and then knocks the ball out. It's too bad. They were so close to the sideline of all, just go straight out of bounds. He's had what many consider limited use. A lot of folks would like to see more of number. 94 hurts on a passing situation completely to his big, tight end. Okay. Five yards on the pick up a simple little get half the yardage. It's kind of a deal but leaves him with 3 30 long again as a result of that first play by Randy Gregory. So 13 about 10 99 39 will call it back at their own 26 eagles. Working left the right We're just under five minutes to go in the Eagles, you thought taking a lot of time trying to make a decision on the plate call will call Time out. That will be their first They'll have to remaining and it comes with 4 58 to go. Another big third down the Cowboys defense. After those first two drives, They gave up 156 yards on the first two drives and only 41 on the second..

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