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Slowly here NewsRadio seven hundred w, w got a ton of, stuff again through the next three hours including. Courts urban Meyer watcher to which is certainly a, interesting development let's just leave it an interesting for now though talk a little bit about, your money as you know especially if in Clermont county thirty million dollar practice facility is going in it, was approved by the Clermont county commissioners yesterday and they're going to put this new thing in exchange for a one percent lodging tax and that's going to get about. Five million dollars, towards, the cost, too, complex people. Are. Happy about this? But many art and one. Who voices concern is David pain, or, one. Of the three Clermont county commissioners joining. Me to talk about it on. The show this morning David good morning good heavy. On hey good morning sledding how are you I'm doing I'm doing fine so everyone looked at it said okay great we're going to build thirty million dollars, we'll tax people who stay here generally locals don't stay in hotels and motels in so it's one of those kind of syntax is in a way we've seen play out elsewhere where we have other, people pay, for stuff that we want which seems to be the The American way, what's the hang up here Hey. Really no, hang up, I'm. Tickled to death FC Cincinnati pit Clermont county Clermont county, is a great place to relocate your business and it's a great place to set up my issue with that was what the incentive Dr to attract this particular business, to Clermont county and just the, bottom? Line is that business good? For Clermont county is the investment worth return I didn't think that the deal that. Was actually proposed provided enough Return on the investment for the citizens of Claremont counting so I voted now as far as ROI goes can you explain further yeah absolutely you know. The incentives that are being provided for FC's training facility. To, be? Here. In Clermont. County somewhere add up. To about, twenty million, dollars. There's an incentive there for five point four million dollars, a land seventeen million dollars in property tax couple hundred thousand dollars in fees a million dollars in sales tax that that won't be collected and and in all of. That adds up when it comes, back? To the return here in? Clermont county the return projected was based off of the a consultant Estimate, that was done that said it was going to be about six point eight million dollars and best estimates that I can get on that would say about about a. Million dollars a year okay so once again the projections Yeah much different for you think the, actual down again the the, truth, will eventually be in the numbers is it still a net gain for the county David Paradorn sense because they're going to build this facility and unlike maybe it's sad, we have to be paired but like Paul Brown. Stadium we we're talking about this yesterday that there's only basically ten dates there when you're talking about tailgating and the banks concert venue and all that there's. Ten days or tailgating but, this complex and Clermont county thirty million dollars it. Seems to, me that's going to be used much like the reds do the urban youth academy and the like. That this is going to be used I wouldn't say year? Round but a lot of people come to Cincinnati. Released I'm sorry a Clermont county for like. Kids tournaments and, stuff that could be, done at this facility. Is out is that, what's, happening here in what's the revenue upside there. I think, what, you need to. Take a look you need to look at other other franchise first of all FC Cincinnati, is a it's not a franchise it's an owner operator f c is an LLC that's worldwide includes Toronto FC England. FC. And New Mexico, I mean In Mexico f. c. also so basically you know you you, buy in with a fee in this particular case. FC Cincinnati paid one hundred and fifty million dollar buying fee to get some of those total profits that are relayed but one of the things that those. Investors get to do is, they get to own and operate and they're they're. Responsible to, Bill I throw that out immediately they get to own and operate their own training academy and how. To take a look at training academies you have to look? At how the revenues game you gotta go to. Someplace like FC Dallas and that's exactly what. I did basically, what happened here is, this this academy will. Be a five oh, one, c. three they will sell memberships to that. Kademi at, twenty, five hundred dollars. Per person Those memberships will will cover a two or three state area where you know your plan in one location and you might play. For the FCC chargers and then you're part of. The academy program that money comes in into FCC from, that training facility at which no taxes gained you know the tax base come up so when. I look, at it, I just look at it strictly as a business deal I, mean I, was a project manager all my life you know I wanna know what all the costs are associated with. That and what the returns are for the citizens so I tend to operate on what's what's the real bottom, line here you know. And and that's where I. Came from on that deal Gotcha Clermont county Commissioner David painter on the show this morning on seven hundred. W w three commissioners and he voted no for a thirty million dollar practice and training complex. And Clermont county got approved they're. Going to move forward with for FC Cincinnati and for him it's. Just the it sounds. Like David you're proud to have it in Clermont county that FC could pick Anywhere they picked where you happen to, be but at the same time you think the deal could have been better it leans a, little bit. Maybe not as extreme as what.

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