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Called Holdup made by two French journalists got millions of views online. That shadowy movie pedal the familiar themes of a pandemic fabricated by governments, the elites and big pharma all to enrich themselves and control the world. Riding in newspaper Le Figaro. French economist Antoine Levy called Francis Slow vaccine roll out a sign that the country's health care and system of governance had slipped from the top tier. He says it's partly due to arrogance has difficulty learning from its mistakes. Learning from foreign countries, especially different state in the French public administration tends to think that the way they act has to be the best and so they are in a very keen to learn from what's happening elsewhere. Levy says those at the top may have brilliant ideas, but with their disdain of logistics, they haven't been able to implement them. He says France maybe the country of Louis pastor who discovered the principle of vaccination in the 18 seventies, but it's still hasn't manufactured its own covert vaccine because since the beginning of the epidemic The state in front is a very productive that very first. That's Joelle Balan Po, mayor of the small town of everyone in western France. As a veterinarian, he says he's vaccinated huge herds safely and efficiently during epidemics. So why can't the government do the same for people? Because when you are you, are you Mr acts very quickly. The host says there may be anti vaxxers on the Web, but the government should address the needs of the million Of French people who deserve and want the vaccine now. Eleanor Beardsley NPR NEWS PARIS.

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