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He you know not even he'll be thirty years old the season i mean there's certainly the re the risk out you know the reward here's an outweigh any sort of risk shouldn't he perform to the level of biking's think he can do you let me finish with this do you think the super bowl is the only way we'll be sitting here this time next year in san gather kirk cousins move was a good thing like what what sort of what would qualify think as a success dividing spans when it comes to kirk cousins and adding that contract onto their their cap for twenty eighteen i'm just not sure why we have this unrealistic expectation that hey you get to the super bowl this year like or nothing i mean the team super bowl window is very small i agree with that it could be one season it could be two maybe three would be pushing it but if i mentioned earlier we don't have ten players under contract twenty twenty including husbands but anyway i mean i just don't think it's very unrealistic to think this offense will not continue to have some ups and downs here yes you have a more solid quarterback playing that role for the vikings to finally give us franchise instability that position but expecting them to go ten and six i mean if they make the play i mean making the play on their only goal doesn't matter if wildcard doesn't matter if they're the you know if they win the nfc nor their schedule is absolutely brutal the fear the nfc north is so much better than it was a year ago and there's a lot of pieces that have changed elsewhere in the league that they're gonna you know vikings are now the hunted it's gonna make their lives a lot tougher going forward so you know i would i would think that yeah within this range that you sign presents at some point a super bowl has to be within the cards to determine hey was eighty four million dollars worth it or was it not but i don't know if you know just one season and they expect them to go to the super bowl i just don't feel like that's realistic right now i mean the schedule looking at it right now you weren't joking awful i five weeks f enciso at green bay hosting the bills okay it's a little better but at the rams at the eagles to start the first five weeks of the year they're lucky that they have ten days in between that thursday night rams game and eagles game because that is a brutal stretch she'll going coast to coast and in in ten days and our top of that i mean look at look how good those defenses are obviously you know what kind of defense eagles have but we'll get everything all the move with the rams made all these defenses that have countered that's passing league really i mean the face and the two of them in the first five weeks and three of them including if you're gonna include what you know green bay obviously knows what they were doing i with their first two draft picks but if i have to face three of those teams in the first five weeks of this season not easy while they're learning new offense so it'll be very interesting a really exciting team really fascinating team and a lot of ways mc comes to twenty eighteen and beyond courtney cronin thanks for coming on the show today where can people check it out on twitter on espn dot com yeah i might twitter handle is at work in our cronin and then if you go to the vikings tab on espn dot com you can see it on.

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