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Chronic Wasting Disease, Saint Paul, Minnesota discussed on 24 Hour News


Up north Jon bear grease sled dog race underway, mushrooms from Duluth the marathon. Participants expected to reach grand Portage on Tuesday, Saturday mornings reported homicide in Saint Paul is the third of the year and Minnesota's capital city. The man was shot and killed during a house party on the four hundred block of marriage. Roland avenue east. This comes following a report that showed a significant drop in homicides in Saint Paul from two thousand seventeen to two thousand eighteen say police spokesman Steve lenders this heartening to already have three three this year in two of those involved gone. So we will continue to work vigilantly to address gun violence in the city of Saint Paul. Investigators are still trying to find out what led to the early Saturday morning shooting on the city's east side. A metro area lawmaker is proposing legislation to address concerns about chronic wasting disease in deer in the southeast part of the state Representative Jamie Becker, fin of Roseville says the state needs to take action now against the fetal brain disease to avoid becoming like Wisconsin where it's widespread to prevent the disease from spreading her Bill would require ten foot high double fencing around commercial deer and elk farms leader, she plans to introduce another Bill to kill infected captive herds. Authorities say the disease does not affect humans but in. Affected deer. Should not be eaten. They're concerned that worries about chronic wasting disease is discouraging hunters from getting licenses the DNR has confirmed the disease in thirty four wild deer since twenty sixteen in Fillmore county Sloan Martin C C from the WCC oh weather center. Overnight snow could bring up to eight inches of accumulation before it ends tomorrow morning, Tuesday, starch three days in.

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Chronic Wasting Disease, Saint Paul, Minnesota discussed on 24 Hour News

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