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And the top. one hundred people. in this trial the the best scoring if you will our keep in mind that standard of care was fifteen months before you died the top one hundred out of the three thirty one are lasting an average of. a projected to last an average of five years and first me seven your mind fifteen months. seven months seven months was a recurrence right but I still but I'm saying this. I mean. like I was an episode of that was a movie fantastic voyage yeah can you go inside the body looking the way he was right yeah exactly that's that's not any less for their for their further vaccines on these people. let me give you another piece of information helps answer that question of the three hundred thirty one people in the trial three hundred receive the vaccine thirty one didn't ever receive and so the the median overall survival after the top hundred which is regarded as a very large tail and that's what treatments lately are being gauged on some of that the big pharma attends yet a chemotherapy also have smaller tales we've got up to potentially a third when we go online and find out for sure who who got the vaccine and who didn't but but the median overall survival is just shy of two years for all three hundred thirty one including the thirty one people that never got the vaccine while those are very good preliminary numbers were not going to know for sure biotech is always got uncertainties but it's very. encouraging and very exciting for the practitioners in the area after all the current and future cancer patients to a solid tumor cancers and that eighty five percent of all the cancers contemplate they were getting close to the end and getting the final data on this kind of a trial and we have actually had at work our direct injection approach where we do the same thing inside the tumor that we do in the manufacturing facilities got very good results on thirteen. results yeah I'm I'm thirteen different solid tumor cancers so it looks like it works on and on most solid tumor cancers and if that can prove to be the case when we get all the data and we finish up the direct.

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