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Millennials grew up with the internet but this ever online generation may be uniquely positioned as targets of internet scams and they're talking about it in October twenty nineteen report by the Federal Trade Commission shows millennials are twenty five percent more likely to report losing money to fraud than those over forty the report also found this age group was twice as likely to report falling victim to shopping fraud reported getting bested by business and debt relief scams in greater numbers it was seventy seven percent more likely than older consumers to report losing money to a scam that started over email while millennials are more likely to report this kind of fraud the tool to prevent and recover from such scams applied to consumers of any age some schools of thought include being skeptical about social media shopping beware of work scams and doubt debt relief offers China's battle with a new virus could hit you in the pocket book AP correspondent Rita fully explains think I phones laptops TV these toys even cars now think about China much of its industry locked down because of the deadly virus Wuhan the city at the center of the corona virus outbreak has five factories that make crucial components for televisions and laptops most of apple's iPhones and other apple devices are made in China some of its suppliers are in the region that includes will Han experts say if much of China's industry remains at a standstill for the next few weeks it'll hit western nations retailers auto companies and manufacturers will start to run out of the goods they depend on read a folly Washington if you've been hoping for the chance to see the musical Hamilton with its original Broadway cast you'll soon get the opportunity on the big screen the Walt Disney company says it's going to distribute a four year old live capture of the show in the US and Canada on October fifteenth twenty twenty one the film was made at the Richard Rodgers theatre on Broadway in June of twenty sixteen will star the original Tony Award winners Lin Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton W. digs as marquis de Lafayette and to Thomas Jefferson Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler and Leslie Odom junior as Aaron Burr the film the version is directed by the show's director Tommy Kael who said we're thrilled for fans of the show ended new audiences across the world to experience what it was like on stage and in the audience the groundbreaking biographical hip hop show about the life of treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton is one eleven Tony awards and made numerous Taurus I'm in the choir president trump is delivering his third state of the union address pride is restored and for.

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