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That's the best one I've seen. Tony Bennett is the old time three point field goal percent. NCAA record holder. Okay. Fair enough. I'll take that. If he's the all time holder. I'll take it. All right. So let's go throwing what about a Jim Harbaugh? Okay. But has he really succeeded? All right. I think I think if you're if you're asking yourself has Jim Harbaugh done, what people thought it would be underachieve. Right. Yeah, but we're coming up with no one. So that's the best academic. He's underachieved. I, I would say to you, I can't think of one great college football or basketball coach who was a great player. Pros like Larry Bird was good that year. Phil Jaques that happens in the product rivers in college. Can anyone think of a great coach who was a great player? We'll see John in Tennessee. Go ahead, John. All right. So I gotta defend pin. Okay. All right. To state titles at the middle school level. Three straight titles at the high school level at Memphis, east, the guys so good. He got James, Wiseman Lee ends worst in Nashville to go play each which is like going from Vanderbilt to, you know, delta state. Penny. Hardaway, a great player. I'm not arguing that. And he's a great recruiter. What we still have to see whether or not he's a great coach. Like if I must I'll give you that we should wait and see. The look at the numbers. He went twenty two in fourteen with tubby Smith's Kriton, Toby Smith. Made it clear to the university of Memphis that they were not good enough to get top repre-. He had less than a top fifty recruiting. Oh. If you had to tell me anything that isn't recruiting I wanna seem coach. Okay. I grant you. He's a good recruiter played. He played Tennessee at home loss. Five Penn played LSU at LSU lost by nine that's great. Just told me you just told me he knows how to lose. There's a lot of coaches that do I wanna seem win. Well, any any has he went twenty two and fourteen who did it beat? What was? I don't know. I answer to this. I don't know about the I don't know. Loan out shake the call. I just going to rant. I mean when you're looking at me, and I go, what is his best coaching accomplishment? And you tell me he lost to LSU by nine. That's your best accomplished you lost. Again, a lot of calls now Steve Spurrier great one. That's a great. There you go. Steve Spurrier, Steve Spurrier, great player who is a great coach. There you go. There's one now can we think of others Spurrier the one, because that's a great one. Very one is. Still don't have any Brom any good. Yeah, I don't know if I'd say Jeff village, and but, you know, Jeff prom was really good. I don't know if I would say, great Spurrier's, the best one, I've heard let's go to Bobby in South Carolina. Go, bobby. Tommy amature play great. He was a great college player. And he's a great college. Very good college. I will I will I let me I don't know that I would say he's great at either. He was a very good college player, but I wouldn't call him a great coach. He went to Michigan and failed, and now he's at Harvard. Is that great? Okay. He's, he's good at Harvard. But he's at Harvard. That you're gonna have to say. All right. Let's go to Jimmy and Chicago. My man knows more facts than almost anybody he's going to have a couple. What do you got? Yeah. I gotta say, I'm store from Duke Sanish, you can get but I thought Hurley was a great college player. He was great. He was a great college point. There's no doubt about that. Yeah. And actually, he was on his way to I thought a outstanding NBA career until he had that car ran a car regular, you'll them, you know, to do players to do guards with Jay Williams that as the ride is their career was starting to come come in the NBA had bad accident. Yes. Now he played at a smaller school. But JIMBO Fisher was a really good college player play. Oh, he played. I think in, in West Virginia, it was a smaller school, but he was a.

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