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I haven't seen the manuscript but I can tell you nothing was ever said but I have no idea maybe in a narrow five four ruling the Supreme Court is allowing from policy denying green cards to immigrants who might need public assistance Richard Cantu ABC news our jerseys first news five forty eight now here's New Jersey fast traffic very heavy traffic heading to the Outerbridge crossing leaving New Jersey an accident update you're getting through but the right lane is closed on the bridge in action over the fuel spill you back a pastor thirty five on for fourty away from the park way over to the other bridge gobbles bridges much better the parkway itself okay no problems on the turnpike north of seven a in okay across seventy eight and eighty into waiting outside over crossings minor delays in building route thirty fives close appoint Pleasant beach because of a gas main repair Bob Williams the Jersey traffic north Jill my renew Jersey traffic self we have an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike northbound approaching exit for every seventy three the right lane is blocked off in traffic is backed up for about a mile forty two north is slow at Blackwood Clementon at exit eight the right lane is closed off with a car broken down and in east Windsor one thirty north at Hankins road we have road work on one lane is closed off at this point now I just keep in mind it's going to be very busy in the Wildwood area of course this that day and that we have read forty seven George reading bridge with one lane available in each direction and that's it and that's because of ongoing road work and forty seven that's Delsea drive in both directions and is close to Indian trail road to Dyess creek road that's in middle township New Jersey fence traffic sponsored by up work of work has the largest network of independent professionals like designers developers data sciences you name it when you need in demand talent on demand up work is happy New Jersey versus five fifty am chief meteorologist in vero with your full stop forecast for this Tuesday morning we cover this morning with sunshine emerges later on not much going on here thirty this morning and lower to mid forties we'll do it this afternoon slightly cooler than yesterday New Jersey one one point five is still five fifty the radio they keep people in the state form New Jersey one one point five we see this winter so my my dean Quintel as me because of it so that the settlement in the spring doesn't mean to say the metal he.

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