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A good shock collar question. He can't get that wrong. A new survey asked that question to thousands of Americans, and they found the most popular answers so named the top three decades that they said in the correct order, and as a lifeline, you can ask me about any decade all tell you. If it's in the top three in all even tell you what place it's in some really trying to help you idiots out. I really really am. All right. Well, my first thought is people always romanticize the fifties. And the sixties. Yep. Even though I feel like those times actually terrible scare hind closed doors. They were horrible. Sixty s the sixties in front of closed doors were awful. Yeah. Like the social up people in this nation was, but when people when people talk about it, they just talk about the cops in the gentleman. Yeah. It's always sounded the most fun to me like drugs and partying and colorful stuff, the seventy. Yeah. Fashion was free love free. Love. Everyone was wear. Whatever you want that. Yeah. Like women's lib was starting to have. Big mustaches. Eighties. People talking about the eighties all the time to I do feel like a lot of people. Love the roaring twenties. Bishen and Speakeasy scores.

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