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I don't care for that. Then they went Let's see it went to Travis Air Force base. Located near San Francisco. Okay. They flew over the naval. Air station in l'amore headed over the Channel Islands the naval. They went to fort Irwin. They went to the naval air weapons station in China lake before hooking a right and heading toward creek Creech air force base in Nevada. From there. They went to Edwards Air Force base. The National Training Center the naval air weapons station. I think I mentioned that. And they. Wound up at area, fifty one. Oh, they also flew over the Dugway proving grounds on their way. Back to great falls, another really sensitive area into a Utah where we are disposing of chemical weapons what a stupid treaty. What treaty was this is the the open skies treaty of two thousand two where? We can carefully monitor any I guess there's thirty four Siamese to this treaty, and they come to now we're doing this in Russia too. But here's the problem as always with the Russians they're cheating, and we're trying to play by the rules. Our guys are saying because we are allowed onto the aircraft that that they used to go fly over these sensitive installations, so they're they're not allowed certain kinds of -ment. And our people are saying they've got certain kinds of equipment that are breaking the treaty, then so they're getting a lot more out of this than we are. Wow. And this is the problem we make these treaties with the Russians. This is what they do every single time. They can't be trusted. They can't be trusted. Even win over area. Fifty one we go over every area fifty one the Russians. Did they showed him the alien buddies? Yeah. Probably now rushing shouldn't get to see the where we do. I know. Oh now, I'm really angry. They probably even watch. The autopsy movie. Which was riveting. I mean that. I'll have to suffice. I guess. I hope they did get shown that that. Because that was that was quite the hoax. So, but it's just it's frustrating. I I don't know why we continue to make these treaties. I don't and then abide by instead of tearing them up. Trump usually staring up, these bad treaties, we tear this one up. It's really really not advisable to allow the Russians to be doing this stuff. But. He's colluding with them. So all right. That's right. Yeah. That George W Bush treaty. Well, actually, I mean, he would have them because right because that's the Senate passes that well, I guess he would he would have led them to negotiate it. Okay. Or is people did? Okay. Yeah. Good times. I looked into the looked into the eyes pootie-poot a soul over there. Did that's what I you pootie Putin in a few years later, a regretted seen as soul. It was pretty rotten here. I guess he had a couple of different souls, and I saw the good one. And then missed the bad one. Wow. Multiple sold sold it. That's where the two plus comes in the LGBTQ Q a two plus two souls. Sounds like an extra two. Too. So. Agonizing all of it. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three us at number tomorrow. And we will talk to you on the next Pat gray unleashed..

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