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A boats entering their stance puts them are at odds with mr trump gas k who has said publicly and privately that he is eager to speak with mr moeller as part of the investigation into possible ties between his associates and russia's election interference and whether he obstructed justice and that's because donald trump know something that they don't know he's got this dog i dunno if he knows you here in case you don't know what i apparently have to remind you oh i have to shoot up to guess now because i don't have it in front of me nope nope melo do you normally as lord person barre is he's like a smart person what else the amine pure terms continues mr trump's pension for bravado has been a factor that his lawyers must contend with the president has bragged to some aides that he would be able to clear himself if you talk to mr muller's team and in fact donald trump has said publicly quote i'm looking forward to it actually this is why donald trump beat george w bush in a poll that we had as to who was dumber because it leaves bush knew that he was now bright trump really thinks that ec dementia test it's a very stable genius this buffoon theses smarter than robert muller and one in the middle of an interview convince smaller that he didn't do it he just talk him into it all please try please try donald what.

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