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Security situation is going to be managing inflation what what me what what is the top of your radar i mean you've got i suppose the securities always going to be there in the background you do have an election as well in midyear but frankly we think the risks to the upside right now i think you know you've had a period of low growth for over five is now there's a lot of pentup demand in the economy you don't wanna say there are no risk but i think they're they're definitely given valuations in the market to the upside i think you see very strong earnings growth this year and important nieto seeing developing interest from from foreign investors some of those rookie through your research in the early hours actually let's just say to overnight actually me what else would i do a nine and riyadh but in terms of your calls on kuwait that he that was really stand out barrow why is kuwait going to outclass some of its peers in 2018 gear kuwait's has been a bit of a dark host this year i think with the msci and footsie index stories so much of the focus has been on saudi arabia understandably because it's such a big market but kuwait's has made a lot of the reforms that these these index providers require over the past year we're going to see a footsie upgrade next year that should bring in around a hundred million dollars there is a technical listing of a power company should bring in maybe an extra two hundred three hundred million dollars and i think that kuwait could very well be on the watch list for mci index em index status as well so you have them an economy that's always been robust at hasn't been the most exciting in the region and you have a lot of money coming into a market that is beginning to do the right things and importantly foreign investors and even regional investors they've never really looks at it seriously before i mean if you take a look at the wider emerging markets space simon it's been it's been a crazy or for politics nes era and politics go hand in hand a political drama it was a little bit more than usual i mean it thinking on cuba in turkey and south african list goes on and on and.

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