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So those folks who live intensity in downtown Milwaukee will be affected by the end of the month so where they gonna go most Barkley did a little investigating some organizations trying to figure out a place for those folks will do that around three thirty four right now though three twenty eight time for news about your money Sony directed the WTM Dedrick associates market update the Dow dropped over three hundred points today as investors began to lose optimism around the US China trade talks the US expanded its trade blacklist to include some of Chinese top artificial intelligence firms on Monday punishing Beijing for its treatment are predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities China's foreign minister said stay tuned for retaliation following the blacklist expansion also weighing in on starts was a statement by the state department saying the US would impose a visa ban on Chinese official linked to the Muslim abuses stocks found someone leave though after pal federal reserve chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank will expand its balance sheet soon he noted this measure be used as a response to the recent funding issues the bond market faced in recent weeks this is not quantitative easing but Powell was referring to a more gradual increase with Drake and associates on Tony Drake certified financial planner newsradio WTAM J. I am talking about good buddy Jim Griffin Jim when buying a car what should people watch out for what should they think about well I think they have to trust the dealership that they're buying from you know John we've been in business for fifty seven years we have a lot of owners out there and that's what we try to build we try to build relationships and trust how cool is it when you sell a car to a kid who's buying his first car you know the first car I sold I sold it to a guy who was eighteen years old and it was his first vehicle I'll never forget the feeling of the mother there being proud of her son come in and they're putting down the down payment getting financed and buying his first truck never forget that you're not you do Jim you make memories for families families make memories for me Jack I love what I'm doing it's a mutual thing I love taking care of people and I love what they do for me visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin sub Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson.

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