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I will be in jackson wyoming in northwestern wyoming up in the tetons near yellowstone national park and i live in colorado so wyoming is the closest state to get to to to go to the path totality jackson is just a beautiful beautiful place with the mountain backdrop our plan on august 21st is actually to be on the top of a mountain up a ten thousand feet at the ski resort and the reason i want to be up there is not only because at altitude the s the solar corona should be especially beautiful looking at it through a thinner atmosphere but because from an altitude we'll be able to look to the west and actually see the moon's shadow as it races in from idaho as it just basically this black curtain from outer space rushing in at two thousand miles an hour i've seen five total solar eclipses i have never gotten a really good view of this of the moon's shadow racing in and so that's my goal for this eclipse is to to just see that wash over me as the eclipse comes in so if you see a silverhaired radio host in wyoming that's our regular host bob mcdonald please wave and say hi absolutely i will look for him at i'll look for him with the bill beneath the silver hair of the solar corona and aspect david baran thanks for coming on the show oh it was my pleasure thanks very much and i wish everyone clear skies on monday david baran is a science writer and his new book is american clips and nations epic race to catch the shadow of the moon and win the glory of the world.

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