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Steve the scary movie franchise that's outstanding i'll never see those great pool that would be like if jen kagins what have you got i'm going to say lost the translation and affairs what's what's that lost in translation yes loss translation i take it back that's my favorite movies she's in whilst in trans latian wait for it it's my turn i'm going sizemore on this one book yeah because everyone here tonight is feeling the heat dammit is on fares in a movie she is an overboard yeah she's a new overboard great worst idea of old overboard wasn't good just got by on the comedies my of goldie hawn and kurt russell and everyone is excited that it started a couple that fuck and have children but don't marry each other did you never watch out of the poster did you never watch the old overboard and think what if goldie hawn was like a mexican guy from telenovelas did think that that's what i would finally my dream came true ken what are you going oh it's me i think so i'm still in it okay if you say so i'm about to be out house bunny to would you call it house to house what house bun he to know now they didn't get around to doing that you've been on i don't think i don't think the temperatures right for that movie that's why it takes place at hugh hefner's funeral in the same day the metoo movement.

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