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Type commodity I was going to do our sugar call me right a couple things right I began some preliminary research and not so I figured out that that was way too broad of a topic to be able to narrow down it would have been almost impossible because there is too much data on it so I dropped it but Sir sugar I think about sugar and coffee futures are because there's been so many crisis over the last two hundred years on those kinds of markets and it's a testimony and a test and it isn't is that a testimony to the our supply and demand and a testimony to import export theories because that none of that was developed two three hundred years ago and there was constantly problems there was copper crashes and sugar and coffee and on and on it went out because there were it was very difficult to get any kind of balance into that and we haven't seen one like that we've had some a dramatic downturn in coffee futures in particular due to weather situations but we go back to the nineteen seventies and oil but that was all one hundred percent manmade are very intentional move I believe so it really doesn't count Tyson few foods I know a lot of you own that stock is now today are fully cooperating with the price fixing probe that is going on they're saying the leading this is the lead in price and you know the leading they are the U. S. leader in chicken production are you saying that in they are cooperating in the whole all the leniency or in the criminal prosecution in other words the guys who did all the illegal stuff the guys who were doing the price fixing the guys that were manipulating the markets all that illegal they were doing that but they don't want to go to jail so I'll do whatever it takes now to stay out of jail the easiest way to stay out of jail is not to engage in those things but they decided to take the hard way now hoping for mercy and leniency from the justice department on the investigation speaking of futures are right Huger.

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