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Have tried and so when when does this these growth plates finally close in on the fully formed and he says as puppies develop the growth plates close as calcium and minerals harden the software is exactly when when does that happen this is Doug develop at different rates based on size and braid the there's not a one answer for you know fits all but for example growth placing a chill Wisla will close much sooner than a large breed such as a great Dane generally most skeletal growth occurs in puppies up between three and six months of age after longitudinal growth decreases and by ten to twelve months or up to eighteen months the large giant dog breeds most growth plates have fused in closed however some suggest the process can take even longer all the way up to twenty months it's almost two years and how can a dog on an official whether dogs grows place of close to not while they said the best bet is to talk to your vet before starting your puppy on any kind of rigorous exercise of support so you know that kind of thing and for the best piece of mind is a consider that that you should do an X. ray I guess that's the only way you would find out if the bones of fused ana and let's just wait. wait another X. ray of that will be able to tell whether they have morphed into a solid integral part of the bone leaving it's only trace of existence on the form of a officiel line a scene and that there's a picture here I will post all this for you and they say most sports medicine vetted veterinarians recommend to not begin training it'll growth plate closure which depends on the size of the breed and can be anywhere up to ten to eighteen months of age and that was a quote by doctor at windy Balzer. hormones this is what I think is important. Homans homos do play this important role in the puppy's growth plates and thus get little development group place tend to generally closes a between twelve and twenty months old spending on that breed in size and this happens to coincide with the end of puberty therefore insight dogs growth plates close after exposure to hole mounts this is something I've talked about on the show before and it's a big concern because male and female sex hormones are known to play these key roles in closure of the growth plates therefore if a dog is altered so Spain the Spanish at prior to people say there's a delay in the closing which causes affected dogs to develop a raw the leggy appearance which makes them more likely to suffer from orthopedic problems such as hip dysplasia CCL injury and possibly even bone cancer now here in Nevada our spay neuter law states that you pass to be fixed by the age of four months now you can see where the problem lies. right that I have no idea who was consulted when they put this little together and to to choose that as a time frame it is not the correct time frame I was setting up heads up for future injuries. and you know decreases quality of life when when you know. throughout through through this law. it's going to cause a lot of problems I don't like that's all I look a little bit and to I don't know how long we've had that spay neuter law I really don't know and but I would be very curious as to who they consulted to come up with this number did they bring in the professionals and specialists are worried about overpopulation needed care about the others I love how they just think that's not a bad they always think that's the one solution to the Gulf I need to spend a lot of different things to talk about overpopulation trust may be neutered they say that because people usually aren't that responsible so you cover it with the law and then. it's awful isn't it it really is on who suffers from that the dogs suffer from that this terrible but delaying neutering in large dog breeds may help reduce the incidence of orthopedic conditions and the effects of new during during the first year of a dog's life especially larger breeds undoubtedly reflects the vulnerability of the joints to the delayed closure of the long bone growth plates when new trim removes the cone gonadal all sex hormones it's not a good thing and and that was a quote by at Benjamin hots now according to chrisley's DVM. the old Chris this is Chris says for example of the famous achieved is genetically determined normal like the eight months when a dog is spayed and neutered but the tibia which normally stops going at twelve fourteen so there's a difference in the time frame that and it continues to grow than this abnormal angle at develops at the stifle which is the knee joint in addition with the extra growth the level like below the stifle likely becomes have yet because it's longer and may cause increased stress on the cranial cruciate ligament. moon said that Asia growth play information. now this leads onto looks eighteen Patel and dogs and this week a friend of mine contacted me to let me know the head dog has a looks eighteen patella at she wasn't sure at what degree because they come in different degrees in the treatments differ for each degree hence this week's big show topic in this is often how the show happens real life things happen and yeah people reach out to me let my friend dead and so what is the use all the resources I have and I reached out to the veterinarians I know and I managed to get her a lots of information that she can read up on and sometimes you just don't know where to go for the information and this particular friend of mine she's very much into learning and learning as much as she can and she tries to do everything as naturally as possible and before going to anything quite extreme which is a great thing renaming that yeah from Patricia how little Pena thinking that seventeen now really thank you hello people go over its old age no no dole out like we say the very least you can do for your pets is everything so do everything for your pets and this is what she is doing so I gathered all this information for and you know it's it's she loves our dog she wants adults have a great quality of life and that rate age is not a reason to not take care care of the health and just accept as older getting older anyway so let's let's talk about looks eighteen Patel as it is painful but is treatable nothing to be very happy to hear that and some people have no idea what that means all what the heck you can do about if you are given a diagnosis well looks a temper Thailand dogs is a common orthopedic dilemma that many pet parents at face and so in this article it's gosh it covers everything you need to know by looks a temp telus and particular in dogs and the costs associated with I mean it does happen how to cats as well patellar luxation it's a common Muscat muscular skeletal disease commonly seen in many dog breeds and like I mentioned earlier the stifle which is the knee joint you have to kind of understand what the anatomy and by a bio mechanics of it all so the unisom rule what's happened and so in a simple description dog seventy cap that's highly movable I mean we have the same thank you know as a kid you try pushing patella from right to left you thought it was really cool. but the knee cap fits in a group of we should do that. creepy the knee cap fits in the group of the femur bone and it's cool the app patellofemoral groove and when a dog flexes and extends its navy the US that knee cap slides up and down and patellar luxation simply means that the knee cap is no longer able to slide across the groove therefore the kneecap has become dislocated yeah and a set of varying degrees of this so media looks at him to tell it in a nutshell it can be classified as other medical a lot medical medial or lateral now this just indicate the direction in which that knee cap maybe sliding and if a doctor Sally sliding on the inner aspect of the navy and this is considered a media looks ation patella now mentioned human knee caps humans also deal with dislocated Patel as I think we see a lot of that with the football players don't wish and all and the referred to as Patel at subluxation which because as a result of injury or patella dislocation and there is a difference between the two between luxation and subluxation I'm from a as this medical perspective patella dislocation refers to the complete dislocation of the kneecap from the joint whereas patella subluxation refers to a partial dislocation SO nine of the difference as I said earlier cats cats deal with patellar luxation too often caused by injury or it can be congenital as well I feel like cats have this really good at frame work around the joints because that they're very agile the very flexible the very nimble and you know they can they can jump and recover really really quickly docks not so much me think about the times of dog to format a bed at night you don't need a land gracefully until they don't shake it off a good move I'm all right I mean they just clung come full full Levinson's and and and I get blamed for yes because you're usually sticking above outside an all singing all the. room up my phone yeah but don't push my dogs don't don't disturb them is not given enough room that I get on the edge. I don't see the quick drink the I'm so back to back to the television and dogs it is most prevalent in small dogs but has been increasing in large dogs as well the most common form of patella luxation is medial looks eighteen patella. I think I'm going for Guinness book of world records how many times I can say patella. in one if he wants to reminds me of the pancakes you had the other day why not sell a. with all of the tele and they can be close by get this poor nutrition injury or it could be present at best a congenital and I would assume by genetics a little bit medial patellar luxation is strongly associated with this skeletal deformities this is therefore considered congenital therefore it is not recommended the owner's breed from these dogs of his reasons and why subject to doctor health issues from the onset of its life I mean that's wrong skeletal deformities include an improper alignment of the quadriceps muscle malformed trochlea ridges tibial tuberosity may be misaligned and hypoplasia of the medial femoral condyle and good good today on my words were gone and a politician. so. we know what is that even play a role but dogs who have poor nutrition am coupled with being overweight are at risk of developing joint problems associated with the knee cap on this is due to an increase in pressure on the joint capsule and the joint medical.

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