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We're going to shift to an important topic now. And joining me is one of the former governors of Illinois. So you all remember former Governor George Ryan, and you should also remember that he was a staunch advocate for changing the death penalty policies here in the state, and he's written a book about it. It's called until I could be sure. How I stop the death penalty in Illinois. Yes, it does. Deal with his own time in prison for four different had nothing to do with that book or that topic that sent him there will ask him about it. And you can also join the conversation at 312981 72 100. If you never had a chance to talk directly to The former governor of Illinois. Here is your opportunity to do it and I'll start by welcoming former Governor George Ryan Governor Ryan Welcome to the radio station and my show. Thank you. But thanks for thanks for tuning man. I'm glad to have you have very well appreciated. And of course, you were kind enough to join me on my TV show for W G in TV political report, but that being said You know a lot of people. If you wrote a book, they would have expected you to write about your time in prison and dealing with those issues. But you chose to dedicate pretty much the entire book to the death penalty issue and how you dealt with it. Why was that issue so important for you that it get more realized in a book, which obviously will be a critical part of your legacy? Well, Polly. I guess it's kind of a long story, but I was not concerned with it. When I heard about how many people have been exonerated, they were on death row and then released by the courts or buy some some reason that they were really not guilty but had been found guilty and put on death row. And my concern was that we read the several people that were almost killed innocent people. And I thought maybe we'd better look. ATT depend death penalty in Try to correct it. And that was my original goal was to try the corrected the lesson. The possibility of an innocent person being executed. But just by the way, governor to put this in time and space if we could go back to the late 18 to the late 19 seventies, and people may not remember you were actually in the Legislature before you became governor. You voted for the death penalty. You were a guy that said, Yeah. Do it. Well, That's right. I wasn't I was a supporter of the death penalty. Paul pretty much who very much preferred part of my career in government. When I went to spring you from hell, and I spent 10 years in Illinois House where I became minority leader in speaker. I had a good good lesson about a lot of things in government. But one of them was the death penalty and I was an advocate of the death penalty thought it was the proper punishment for certain transcribes. And it was an advocate of it that I can recall when in 19. I think with 1977 now we join news nation already in progress. Boats, But some people in the Republican party around the country and even some around the world didn't need those 20 days to assume that Joe Biden is the president elect,.

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