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Attacks how significant is this alqaeda's north african arm alqaeda in the islamic met web said it was behind this particular siege well i kinda in the islamic maghreb has been in west africa for a while i think that they're getting stronger and stronger most of the recent attacks having capri traded by by alqaeda in the islamic mammogram they're more organizer even public and where the other the way they conduct operations is this very worrying i wonder how the malan government is to his plan to that we sent the french president emmanuel call went to mali acting that was his first visit to frame country showing support to mali into the military forces there so i think that there has been a lot of international support to curb the precarious security situation in molly an indian tire salvi region but what what is happening since the our home is this important at it just shows that that things are not moving forward is there a political solution to this continuation of violence caused by militants i think it's an excellent question it's also very difficult one i would respond by saying that there is no military solution to this are there is no one hundred percent political solution to this it has to be a mix of both industrial that the balance that it's it's it's really hard to find because now is really at the heart of the sale we jan you have a child a next on you have to share your book russell all of these countries are facing the vaccine issues and it's just a huge case are it's it's at least twice the size of the united states so it's really hard to to manage this space so i would say it's a combination of a political think way a political solution and military solutions at the g five i also come a combination of a five suhel countries of mali burkina fasso new share chad and mauritania coming together to find a common a militia solution to there to there the security situation in the region but definitely this combination of military efforts has to be supported by political will that's khemisset camara she's the west africa usbased an analyst with the national endowment for democracy you're listening to knees day from the bbc world service thank you for joining us it says.

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