Bannon Bannon, CBS, Donald Trump discussed on The Michael Knowles Show - Ep. 24 - Is The Swamp Swallowing Trump? w/ fmr. Congresswoman Nan Hayworth


I wanna know emily does bannon have any clout or is is is he's speaking for the trump administration or is he just some jilted exemployees i don't think that bannon ever actually speaks or anyone other than bannon bannon's out for himself and bannon is a strategic at heart she's speaking to an audience and maybe that audiences and exactly apparent when you're watching him on cbs or or sixty minutes on there is always a hierarchy that said play and with bannon especially at this point in his career he has a new objective to think about you know he reached his objective to get into the white house that objective has been fulfilled and subsequently tossed aside so he has a new objected that he needs to fulfil is a new prerogatives in a new order that he needs to establish so i would say there's a man trying to regain relevancy is the first step towards rebuilding his agenda much less of an employee going rogue on that note however i do think that as trump's administration winds down or if there is a new um oppor opportunity for bannon to squeeze in there he's probably not going to hold back on some negative comments from the administration maybe not on trump personally but there will definitely be an opportunity that he will seize so what's his goal hugh i mean why is he going on sixty minutes whereas going into the heart of stupidity and lazy leftism with charlie rose i mean i'm not steve bannon but if i was steve bannon i be thinking about what the plan is to get back to the top of your empire has been totally wiped out he's been on sort of.

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