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American Airlines five oh eight and the spread of viruses with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks we'll start in Maryland on the outer loop of the capital beltway in the big curve where we have had a number of accidents we already had one there this morning we've had another now this one involves a tractor trailer and a damaged you will take all travel lanes been brought to a stop well the assess the damage to the truck and trying to clean up the old the speed that leaking fuel I should say that apparently is going across a couple traveling so all lanes have been stopped all your travel is being diverted last report was being diverted at old Georgetown road bill as I look in the camera me maybe said having some traffic getting by now but again at last report traffic was supposed to be diverted at old Georgetown road to get around the crash activity you'll need to work your way around at the two seventy CBRE take that south to reunite with the outer loop of the capital beltway the other issue that we had on the beltway was on the interleukin two arches county before kennel worth Avenue exit twenty three the crash activity last what was blocking a right lane the rest of the Maryland roadways are fairly decent we do have some issues getting across the bay bridge they are not traffic related but what rather weather related it has been foggy it has been raining so it makes for a very interesting situation trying to get across the bay bridge with caution two lanes eastbound two lanes west bound to and from the shore in Virginia just getting rid of this one this is in Culpeper county little farther afield route twenty nine both directions this will be east of Culpeper near brandy station the crash activity near berry hill road apparently involving a tractor trailer we understand from Virginia state authorities just in the last couple moments in all lanes are blocked in both directions we had a disabled vehicle ninety five north bound after learning that was over on the right shoulder again I really to the capital beltway at last report was being diverted at old Georgetown road to get around the latest tractor trailer crash in the big curve Ian Crawford WTOP traffic the heavy rain came to an end to this afternoon and we saw that clearing from south to north lots of ASEAN sunshine well the day was done overnight we'll see temperatures drop into the fifties we'll see overcast conditions with rain chances returning especially for tomorrow.

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