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Clear, but he should be in the hall. Let's be real is just a museum. Yeah, I think Howdy, Curt Schilling. Think Curt Schilling would be a borderline Hall of Fame guy I'd have to. I'm with Jack on that one. I would. I would really dive into the numbers and all that. My hunch tells me I would probably end up voting for him. The bloody sock. We talked earlier about Luke McCaffrey, transferring from the University of Nebraska. 970590. The Internet killed Nebraska football. Once these kids realized that there was a world outside of Nebraska They're able to leave and go to places that had beaches and warmer weather and realized that other programs had better facilities than Nebraska. So the Internet is what brought Nebraska do you not think that Luke actually Was familiar with some of those other programs. Nebraska was not his only choice. They had a lot of choices. Yeah, So there's something going on. At Nebraska. If it were just look, McCaffrey, I would say, Well, I mean, sometimes that happens sure. You compete. You think you should be the guy you turn out not to be the guy. For whatever reason the coaching staff goes in a different direction, and so you don't want to sit there and not play. So there's options. Nowadays, The players are able to take advantage of and go somewhere else and play. I get that, but it's not. It was not just look McCaffrey. There have been other players that have transferred out as well. And I'm sure I'm gonna try and look it up the there was another. Son of a well known former Warner, Kurt Warner. Thank you. Yes, who also he was in his son is a wide receiver, not a quarterback but also is transferring from Nebraska. And there was enough. There was another one a few weeks ago. I thought they've had I think four in the last couple of weeks. Yeah, that's a lot. 970302 this one for you my cleaning out our shed yesterday I found this catcher's mask think it dates back to the late 18 hundreds? It is so cool and caps wondering if I could get it appraised somewhere locally in Greeley. Thanks. Yeah, I don't spend a lot of time agreement. I did. Yes, And I don't know that. But I bet there's somebody who knows where you can get it Appraised, if not in Greeley somewhere in the Denver area, wonder how you would know. That it dates back the late 18 hundreds. Yeah, I don't know. You made Maybe there's ah, a date on it somewhere based on like a Who made it or what year or something like that. My dad would work catcher's mask when we would play catch in the backyard wasn't sure. Yeah, let me just be. I mean, not all the time, but just to be safe and he's old catcher's mitt. And I'll never forget I was in high school and we went out to play catch. It is right before dusk, and my parents had this wooden fence around the perimeter of their property. And my dad backs up against the fence. And so I, You know, I back up and we're warming up and then I'm starting to throw and there's one pitch. I will never forget the fear. In my eyes and in my heart. There was 11 pitch that I threw That quite obviously my dad did not see and it would buy him. And it smacked against the wooden fence behind him. Any blatant. He never moved until the bang of the fence. And I was like, petrified. I thought Oh, my God. I could have killed my dad. So that was I'm pretty sure I stopped and I said, you know, I've had enough pump on anywhere. The catcher's mask. Oh, my goodness. Uh, three or 3945? What's the name of grants? Podcast? I missed it. I'm pretty sure it's the Grand Smith podcast. No, it's well always said that the grants with Marcus not taking it for granted. You know what? What were the hell of I bent? I mean, that's just even I knew that when I say I'm sure if you searched it would come up because it says my name on the title but taking it for granted my bag, Which I like. I think that's a question too. I like that. Yeah, and grants eminently familiar with that phrase around here, so it seems like a logical pick two of the name of a podcast. Yeah, And that zao out everywhere. You confined podcasts, including the free I Heart radio at Nice. So just give it a search. It's also up on R. K o a news radio dot com. Paige, too, You know this is a burgeoning career. Well, for you grants a talented guy, You know, I don't have to tell you that. No, absolutely. No carries me every time I fill in because I'm asked to fill in for three people reminds me that after the show he calls me. You know, Dave, I like Mike, but I'm getting tired of charity. Um, yeah. So he carries me when I when I fill in It's better to be with you then for you. It's better to be with you be doing this show with you as a race for because I like I mean, we never worked together. Yeah. So we have done this in quite some time. And sometimes now, you mean now being a full time Rockies guy with Jack Corrigan. I mean, your your schedule is a tad bit busy. It zah little different. How tough was you for you? You guys, I mean, I know we did. Something similar. How tough was it to call road games off of monitors? Yeah, it's tough, And what's tough about it is that they give us an all what's called in all nine. They give us like three or four different angles. We call that all 22 is right, which is like above top of the stadium behind home plate. So you see all the players, but you can't see their numbers so You know, if a guy's gonna try and steal a base, you can see that he's off and running. And then really, what we're doing is basically watching the same feed that you're watching at home from center field. And so you're really at the mercy of the director. Because of that there was one and I think they were playing the Diamondbacks. I can't remember for sure. But there is a line drive to right. Charlie was out in right field, And by the time the director got to the shot of Charlie, he had the ball and I had no idea if he caught it or if he played it off the bounce. I was listening to your driving us Spirit Boulevard. If that's not what I'm wondering what the hell you know what the hell what happened there? I know, but you know what it Xena happen it, Zob Vesely. Not ideal, but you just roll with it, because that's what you got. All you can do we, Rick and I would go down to empower fielded mile high when the Broncos obviously when they were playing there, and I don't I don't use the monitor too much to call the game when I'm actually able to look out of the Press box and see the game right? But most obviously this year for the first time, we're calling the games from empower Field of Mile high the ruby in being played on the road, so I'm using the same same sort of vehicle that you were forced to use the all 22 Where you have an idea, But you also trying to have three monitors in front of you, Konw. They all 22 stays on the field at all times. There's no commercials. Then there's the TV broadcast that people at home are seen with the delay. And then there's the TV in real time, right, so but but it can be. You know, it's It's a bit of. Ah, it's a bit of a challenge, I will say. Obviously being in the studio for all the Broncos games, so I I listened to you guys pretty closely. You never would have known that you were not on site. If if you can understand the double negative. Yeah, thank you. You're welcome. Not on. Say thank you. It sounded like you were there didn't miss a beat and it was cool. But I also knew that you weren't there and You know, there are some challenger are that that are associated with that. I'm sure from 7202 or three Grant. The podcast is great. I love the interview with your brother. That from.

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