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The Simmons siren. Simmons. It's back. Oh no. Oh, it sounds like Ben Simmons. Well, he's still a 76er for now, even if he isn't physically there, but according to recent reports, Ben Simmons has decided that he's done playing with Joel embiid that that partnership could be a big part of the reason why he wants out. It's not so much that the 76ers said mean things or anything like that. It's more he doesn't like the situation with embiid being the one a with Simmons as the one B or the two were the Robin to The Batman or whatever you want to call it. He's not a fan of that arrangement and would like to go somewhere where he can be. The top dog, as far as where that would be, I'm not sure, but that sounds like a big sticking point here for this situation and he thinks that the partnership has run its course. Yeah, and to be clear from the reporting that was done this was an athletic piece. I want to say it was Bill of ram, Sam amek and Sean chiran, all contributing to it. It's nothing personal towards Joel embiid. He doesn't dislike Joel embiid as a person or anything like that just feels like their games don't mesh weather. Mesh well together. Man, I've made a mesh with a portmanteau, is not what they call it mesh. That's when that's when the weather is like. That's when the weather is like, it's rainy, but there's also like a patch of sunshine somewhere else. You know what I mean? That's mesh weather, where it's just sort of coming together, you know? See? That's what it is. We do not mesh well together. In Simmons opinion, the numbers do not back that up. Those two guys share on the floor was wildly effective last season. I want to say there was something like plus 15.5 points per possession per game when they were together. So it just doesn't match up. I don't know that anybody necessarily. Is there with that? And it's funny 'cause it's seen a lot of people coming out and say, no, everybody says pull four shooters on the floor. And it just really comes down to if he's not going to be a willing shooter at all, I don't care who you put on the floor with him. It's going to be kind of hard, but you got to get him in this primary creator primary off ball roll and let somebody else move on. But yeah, that's the extent of the update..

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