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Slash Hannity our Michael Riedell six till ten seven ten W. O. O. twenty three good morning everyone you're wondering what the president thought of that fox poll which showed claim that fifty one percent of voters not only favor impeachment but his removal from office yes I'd be very curious to know what he thinks about well wonder no more he tweeted just a few moments ago yes here you go from the day I announced those running for president I have never had a good fox news poll whoever their pollster is they suck but fox news is also much different than it used to be in the good old days with people like engine Apollo Tano who wanted to be a Supreme Court justice and I turned them down he's been terrible ever since check this man Donna Brazile and gave crooked Hillary the debate questions I got fired from CNN and others fox news doesn't deliver for the U. S. anymore it is so different than it used to be well I am president there you go okay so that's that I'm happy to know the president takes the polling socks welcome Sir all by the way you remember that story with a terrible story were talking about the wife of the diplomats it was made about whether or not he was a full diplomat over in the UK and it was an school listen she was driving on the wrong side of the road and she collided with a motorcyclist and the nineteen year old died and she was initially cooperating with the investigation and then she left the country in claim diplomatic immunity right Boris Johnson the prime minister of the UK and said he was going to call president trump and have her sent back because he didn't believe diplomatic immunity applied to her well the president spoke out on this yesterday Michael we're going to see the person driving the car the wife of the diplomat we're going to speak to her and see what we can come up with so that they can be some healing this tremendous anger over it it's a terrible incident all right more it was an accident it was an act it was a terrible accident the woman was driving on the wrong side of the room and and that can happen you know those are the opposite roads that happens I won't say it ever happened to me but it did when you get used to driving on our system and then you're all of a sudden the other system when you're driving it happens have to be careful so it leads me to believe that even of Boris Johnson quit laughing about even the poorest Johnson calls him I don't think she's going back I don't think so either I love it when he says should say this but it could happen to me and it did happen to me now that happen to me but it did happen well actually I do a Broadway director sadly who got killed in London because he was crossing the road and because they do drive on the other side he looked the wrong way you know you look the way you look crossing road look right when should been looking left they got killed by the way not to be over dramatically in the west end all right for those one of those famous show features I'm sure you've been to yeah sure so I look both ways and across the street it was a it was a one way street okay but there was one lane for a bus to come in the other direction right and someone called out to me at the last second I would walk right into the bus Jeez so it's really quick hello I'm was at the Olympics in Australia yeah a drive on the other side every intersection it was a stenciled in paint yeah yeah lock yet look look both ways right a light both ways right right so all right now land yeah I have a number wrong Hadley you could confirm this I said twenty two point five even this right Hey there's a town house for sale for two hundred twenty five million dollars of that I like wow that's on what I said and he did Allen facets busted twenty two point five million cell number still a lot of money it belongs to us Cerebus capital manager director Jonathan Galen at sep twenty two west seventy fourth street he's put it on sale it's got six bedrooms seven bathrooms for powder rooms when's the last time you heard that expression Natalie powder rooms three eighty four powder rooms is that a prisoner out a room the bathroom yeah but forget he doesn't have a tub or shower in it but has a toilet yes the toilet in the sink okay spans ten thousand five hundred districts Norreys right six stories is seven hundred sixty five square feet of outdoor living space to media rooms a library and five wood burning fireplaces now this guy by the town house for nine point one million in two thousand six you know thanks appreciation there but we got this mansion tax so here's here's a problem this city under the old mansion tax the buyer would have had to pay two hundred twenty five thousand dollars for the home and in tax under the new provisions you gotta now pay if you want this house you got to pay the tax man eight hundred and forty four thousand dollars that's on top of the top two point five million residents twenty three million to twenty two hundred twenty six billion depending how you look at the body begin read straight I had a very quickly a friend of mine the director Jack o'brien great Broadway director directed hair spray a bunch of big hit shows his house is beautiful house up in Connecticut just hit the market for under three million dollars well but it's a it's a part of what's a great house it is a great as I thought that sound like a bargain honestly when I was alright what and when I look and that's because it's a very theatrical house he has a lot of stuff designed by the great architect and theater set designer David rock and there's an orchestra in a living room curtains go now but not for data which you know what there is his bed rotates a hundred and eighty degrees so that he can see all that the changing of the seasons because his whole bedroom is all glass into the bed just moves around and you can get a swirling view of the forest as they changes colors around let us cut your really there might be other uses for the feeling well thankfully it's time for the news reporting a barley Michael new fox news poll shows fifty one percent of voters one president trump impeached and removed from office this comes as Joe Biden is now calling for the impeachment of president trump his words with his actions president trump has indicted himself by instructing justice by refusing to comply with your wrestling career he's already convicted well president trump has responded to that fox news poll says they suck thank that's pretty much that's a simple but actually said that he did that yeah exactly ID Turkish president Erdogan's says Turkey's air and ground offensive has killed more than a hundred terrorists in quotes it it's invasion of Syria unclear whether the civilians well we didn't get the civilian numbers here may but it's not clear whether or not these people were killed we're fighting with the Kurdish laid Syrian democratic forces these ones trying to overturned side you in security council due to me today to discuss this a crazy situation I'm sure they'll take care of it thank you right don't worry about what queens teenager was shot and left for dead body of nineteen year old Jay Patel was found don't did two hundred sixty eighth street and eighty Third Avenue yesterday just doesn't happen when this awesome town with we moved out here just because it's a great town we don't have any trouble like that you know the gangs and everything that doesn't exist around here cons now looking for two suspects seen fleeing in a red Toyota Camry actor Cuba Gooding junior goes on trial in Manhattan today's accused of groping a woman at a time square bar he's pleaded not guilty to forcible touching if convicted to spend a year behind bars big changes at the west side highway the Daily News says the city's going to lower the speed limit from thirty five to thirty miles an hour south of fifty ninth street the roles been number street design changes meant to protect pedestrians and cyclists the average worker spends fifty one percent of each workday on very unnecessary tasks basically three this really yeah three three one of all the things we do to it does it does necessarily apply to you a hundred percent but this is an average worker and his work yeah so the average worker commutes twenty seven minutes to work obviously run here it's a little bit more more than that yeah but if you have just the average commute you're going to spend five point six years in your car if you're here is a lot of office job could be done at home so that could be unnecessary unnecessary meetings yeah we agree with that absolutely that's a little present about actually once a week I think you guys are fortunate you probably don't spend that much time but by the time you retire the average worker spend seven years that's ridiculous and useless meetings I hate meetings and peace and you sit there and as I let me add it here sixteen percent of the time when your job your uses meeting his own two and a half hours a day reading and responding to email average worker gets two hundred emails a day ace forty four are not relevant well that's twenty three percent of a forty five year career ten years reading irrelevant email the animal of fifty one percent of your time is waste you know how many years is available for look at the three totals there yeah Mister Matthews two and twenty five dot million dollar I'm going to give you the Wall Street those numbers again the Dow Jones industrial average down just a fraction but five points just one of five points the S. and P. is down a fraction nasdaq is up two points in the early trading all right thank show be slow down on the west side highway now new laws okay Saturday morning Saturday the change was a chance out in Iraq coming up next the grade Elvis Duran from Z. one hundred joins us right here in the studio got a brand new book called where do I begin stories from a life lived out loud really looking forward to having Elvis join us Hey Michael yeah tell me what you think is the best option for hair regrowth simple and it's the capellas cap instead of wearing a cap to cover hair loss you can wear cap to re grow your hair he capellas cap produces low level laser therapy to nourish hair follicles to produce healthy thick air and all the while being FDA cleared and position recommended where the cap for just six minutes a day and you'll be seeing results in four to six months for a limited time get two hundred dollars off a cap purchase with code radio two hundred acapella stock com C. A. P. I. L. L. U. S. dot com and use the code radio two hundred I'm great with your W. O. R. traffic there's road work the north bound right around Fordham road one lays out till three PM have delays in the area across fronts westbound is rolled up from the Brookner into the Alexander Hamilton bridge at your drive south then gets busy from the arcade Triborough down through the seventies and delays on the Grand Central parkway west down from the cross island parkway into the L. I eat we're also looking at the ladies of twenty minutes upper deck of the GW be about ten minutes downstairs the Lincoln inbound breakdown was clear before the tolls a thirty minute ride remains twenty five in at the Holland from the turnpike approach and forty five minutes from one in nine this report is sponsored by Jeff Anderson and associates it's time to log of survivors of childhood sexual abuse a chance to take legal action Jeff Anderson and associates is one of the.

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