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Nate on hold fells. I'll get to you here momentarily. But we had a lady that had a problem with their pond called in the first hour name was sue. And I was giving her some recommendations that upon reflection. I've got a great idea for you sued. If you're still listening to us, please call back because I'd like to discuss it with your think you're gonna like what you hear if I don't. Hear back from you. I'll probably share methods before the programs over and hopefully someone. Clue you in that I did attend to hear some podcast, which incidentally you can hear us on podcasts at spreaker. S P. R E, A, K E, R dot com. Previous shows are catalogued there. And that's what you keep in touch with us, when you're not able to hear on Sundays, or if you want to listen to show again, whatever the case may be. All right. Let's go to Mike who's up. I. Yes bike. Welcome aboard. I'm doing fine, sir. Hope you're doing well. Last weekend. I taken him camping trip weekend fishing. Yes, sir. And here. Well, we got into the blue Gill. Great. Great. The big red here. We found a big band. I'm never seen this. I'll do everything. You can't do a thing. I've seen them do that before. And I'll tell you the only thing that I find that they'll take when they're in net mode, and they'll get that way, when their bed and hard Gardner nast allow a piece of live night, crawler. This real lively light hook. No bobber. Just Neil a plane night. Crawler. No, sinker. No, nothing. Flipping into that next. Let's sit there and he'll Benchley take it. Why not? Just lay it right there in the band. Well, I I've seen him get like that. I mean there there are peculiar fish in that regard. But I'll tell you know tip about that. If you're able to do it, and I'm sure there's still some of them spun and in those areas because, you know, the full moon just was opponents. You go back there and you fish. Right at the break day. If you can, I'm talking about, you know, daylight to set up the big females come up and feed around those petting areas in the males will take Labbe pretty readily in those situations. So that's. Do nothing about six thirty. Well, slam the blue Gill. Well, no. But they had a good time. All I make. I blue Gill big blue gills. Then we catfish last night. Check out those blue Gill. Oh, yeah. Yes, they did. Okay. Fish be coming up here round in being goldfish. Six. It's. Oh. I spent. This morning, cleaning fish. Well, that's good. That's a good thing. Well, Mike appreciate your report. Yes, sir. Nate. Tommy Irwin Steve. I'll be right with you. I want to return to sue, however, who's cone back. She had a question. And according to what I see on the board here, I think this may help with euros questions as well suit. Can you hear me? All right. Sure, can't jam. All right. Got to run in my brain jump started in hyper year while we were on break, and they're, they're certainly feel to pass lawn you that Athens. You cure your problem fairly rapidly. It'd be very, very beneficial to your lake and I'd recommend it over the use of chemicals. And I don't think you're gonna have to actually obtain more grass carp in that is fertilization at encourage you to fertilize the lake and the formula, I would use for that you need to have your husband to farm supply place, and get powdered lime. Fifty pounds of, of. Uh-huh. Powdered lime not peleton's but, you know, powdered lime like these wall ball fields and stuff. And fifty pounds of debt DA p it's actually diammonium phosphate. If you can't find that. S those folks for the thing they've got. That's the closest on the analysis, the N K on damp is approximately ten forty zero and put fifty pounds of that in just sprinkle it around in late. You know, just toss it out in the lake in, it'll cause a real strong prank tin balloon, which are the microscopic planets and the microscopic animals that will come along after that, and it shades the water and we'll starve those weeds for sunlight, they won't be able to photo synthesize. And it'll be a tremendous aid to your growth or your remaining fish. And what occurred to me was you told me you are able to airy Zik, correct. And to. Out there in the lake and. Somebody come in on our property, while we were gone and cut the anchors are pulled the anchors up and caused everything to go down into the shallow Annenberg. The Motors up that nice was good drink at any rate. That is my best suggestion, and I can promise you have good results. Fifty pounds of powdered lime fifty pounds of damp. Or as close to Tim forty zero as they have. I'm told that granular fertilizer, and you just both of them just, you know, walk around the edges and throw it out there little mix and within a week or two those weeds start to die back. Okay. Say for farm animals, absolutely. Okay. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much. Enjoy your show. Yes, ma'am, I'm glad I thought of that because I think that your answer, let's go to Nate. You're up next. Yes, sir. I'm doing fine. Time. Well, welcome aboard. And. An issue. Of young. And they get up everyday. Is it something you should? In other than me, just you not to shoot in the mouth. Well. You can. You can tramp but shoot the best and easiest situation. If you've got very, many of them sooner or later couch are gonna find out there. They're, they're going to take care of that real quick. I have. Seen to my. My. So. Twenty two. And. Jay. Is this something I need to do it? Is it just? Something. Nice. They don't accept it. Well, because of the crimp at the end of the shell and. I wouldn't recommend shooting birdshot to that rifle. It's got it for accuracy purposes, rather than, you know, please you around the reason being that fan shot will tune to lodge in the rifling barrel. Macaws accuracy problems at some point, you probably need to take a wirebrush insolvent and flee knows Lennon's grooves in the barrel to get back. Where it ought to be. Okay. Nate I appreciate your call. Let's go to Tommy. Has been holding patiently and Earl Steve right behind. Yes. Tommy europe. Talking about the lady with the mouse problem, I've had an extreme amount of moss problem this year on my, I got an acre and a half, and I've sprayed it with a product called crista, plex algae vendor in that work a little bit. And then it got kissed a little bit worse because we've had so much rain. I don't know. But the level of the pond is to the top of the dam, and so what I resulted back to get stolen back with at twenty five point two percent. Copper stuff fake products. And you gotta do that, about three different treatments. And I was up for the pond, while ago fishing in the waters, crystal clear catching baths, and I had a pretty much a Matt problem like she was talking about, and it's a filaments type the algae, but won't you spray it, but then twenty four pretty rancid. And so you kind of know it's working, but you gotta be careful with copper sulfate because you, you don't want to take all the oxygen out. You must treat about a third of it. And then, you know within a couple of weeks, you can probably eliminate it and I was up there while ago and there was there's zero amount of found on the product. You know on the pine though is pretty good. Well, that type of filaments, you're Sal, g copper, sulfate is very effective on it, not so much on some the deep requirements. Weeds life. We were discussing but you're spot on about the use of it. You don't wanna do large areas because as those. Is that moss algae we'd starts to die? It releases carbon dioxide and in, in caused some problems. So your spot. Your usage of it. Used I I bought a fifty pound bag of it. And you know, I was very sparse with it. But the recommendation, I looked up with, like five pounds, five pound copper, so fake in three pounds of water hot water, and that once you make that up in a hot water with a tobacco stick or whatever you choose to start with our agitated nets perform it worked out, pretty well and three three gallons wasn't enough. So I just got up that John devil, and winter, around course, my ponds quite large, and I have a sprayer that I can reach out, maybe twenty five thirty feet with the pressure on the spot on time and that did a good job for me, but that was after hearing your explanation while ago about the Daf and in the line hydrated lime. That's what you were talking about yesterday. Man. That's a that's an awful good to it was a recommendation. But still, I thought, well, I don't know if I even need to talk to you about that. All right. I'll let you go. And that's just I thought maybe I could help out with that, you bet. Well, I appreciate it. Tommy. Yes, sir. And Steve, I'll be with you right after this break, I got.

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