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Is ninety one degrees and we're heading for low tonight of seventy two it's four thirty one i'm peter thiel newsradio one zero two point nine k a r n to seventeen year old boys are dead after a triple shooting in pine bluff one died at the scene one died at the operating table fox sixteen price mckeon reports the shooting happened at twenty fifth avenue and i street yesterday police they just after three thirty officers got a call of shots fired in that area soon after two people showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds investigators officials investigated the scene as a shooting meet a grim discovery again found a seventeen year old boy shot and killed inside a car in a ditch homeless tend to live in encampments for safety reasons but this time not so safe machetewielding vagrant attacked a fifty four year old man who was injured in little rock now suspect's arrest says of yet someone broke into the mos southwest grill on schnell parkway these made off with two thousand dollars from the safe was strange is there was no sign of a forced entry to the business and it's safe and whomever broke in new the alarm code our state is getting older and more ethnically diverse according to the us census bureau arkansas's now more urban with a rural populations declining the hawks play florida tonight carol college world series at seven on espn florida knocked texas tech out last night i'm peter the'll next news at five breaking news as it happens newsradio one or two point nine k a r n your wife is mad because you're purchased revis stakes instead of boneless skinless chicken breasts what to do get her some flowers yes flowers and not a new grille this differ.

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