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And she got dressed but only kohl she had were doshi aboard the day before because she thought she was going to be back a shout mississippi then so she put own genes that were had blood all over him abiout with bore all over here in a jacket bourne however is she drove at a hospital here neil state hospital all day often temps fighting to stay awake that night around eight o'clock her so she finally left drive in back to colombo to uh south mississippi gives a two hundred ten miles a four hour drive on the back roads and the whole way whole way she fought to stay awake at the wheel still wearing those bloody clothes you know what she did the next morning next morning she got up and went back to work as the nimby and aged he later received an award from parade magazine which you should lead the popular supplement sunday papers award is one of the ten outstanding federal state more on and local law enforcement agents in the nation they floor out an award ceremony in los angeles but i love that story love that story because many people didn't know about it's time and they certainly didn't know about the details and i love that story because to me that story is about the people we have in law enforcement today the men and women in federal state.

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