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The mall. More than one person has pointed out is that the line between a novelty hit and just a hit seems to be blurred right now that is always seemed to be an example of that to me. I think a lot of these sank represent a sense of humor. Like, I think that the the line is blurred. Because like the song can be funny. NBA hit at the same time was kinda funny. Sure. Yeah. And I think that like to somebody who doesn't really understand like, oh, this is going to ring off when they play it in this place this place if you just like listening to it. And you're like is the joke, then you might call it a novelty hit until like you keep hearing it out of every car window in New York for the next four months. And then you have to start to realize there's no such thing as novelty hit more, exactly. No, I was I was gonna say that exactly. I think even if you look at somebody like Eminem like he was a novelty until he wasn't like his first big hits. Like, my is chill like that. Like that was a novelty and now we look at it, and nobody thinks that anymore. Nobody thinks like oh like this was supposed to be a joke. You just listen to your like, oh, that's when Eminem blew up. Yeah. For sure it's interesting. I think it applies to artists as well. In some ways. I mean, Cardi B, right? Everyone loves bodak yellow everyone thought it was great. It was obviously great. What was entirely unclear was whether it was just like a total fluke one hit wonder situation. You know, I mean her resume to that point did not suggest someone who'd be making an album that is topping critics lists. As one of the biggest of the year. That was great. You know, she she was someone who had been on reality television. Just was not the path that traditionally would expect to lead to great artistry. And that stereotype is obviously wrong because it did. Right. So I it's hard to know what to what to make. That I think Cardi B like, you know, best rapper alive English. She did that like you can put up her against Nikki. And you'd think of somebody like Cardi B issues very candid like any girl in New York and go out there and strive to be Cardi B because she's documented her rise. Like, she started on Instagram. She's like, I was a stripper. I'm not ashamed about it. She went to onto love and hip hop. It's like a very very organic way of saying here all of my faults where Nikki honestly spent the last year trying to hide all of her faults. Andy kind of hurt her because she's like, I don't know how many girls now personally want to be Nikki in the same way. They wanna be Cardi. That's interesting. What do you mean hiding her faults? I think Nick like to Brennan's point it took her almost what a couple years to get this album off the ground, and it was a very major label way of ruling on. There was a lot of like singles that were kinda rolled out. And they didn't get the responsibly wanted in there for the need to rework the whole. Album. I'm obviously not privy to what her and her team, we're discussing, but it seemed like there were a lot of false starts on that one. And then this year when she didn't get the sales that she wanted. She kind of kept throwing the extended tantrum about criticizing Travis Scott for asteroids like merch sales and Kylie tweeting about it. As the reason she didn't like top him in like sales. And it's kinda like Travis has been releasing music on a very regular pace, and like doing stadium shows that have very regular clip for a couple years now and he's got his biggest album he might be bigger than you now. And I know that that's a tough thing to hear for someone who's, you know, being rich and famous generally drives people crazy in like a very specific way..

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