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In the oil patch radio show is proud to bring you this week's energy minute produced by shale mag dot com the U. S. watched a large number of jobs in history last week three point three million according to Thursday's report from the federal government this trend is expected to continue next week as coronavirus figures continue to hold a large portion of the US population at home federal markets grapple with the market disruptions prices remain low this week WTI range between twenty and twenty five dollars per barrel in historic events last week the secretary general of OPEC spoke with one of the Texas railroad commissioners about the need for international action to stabilize markets but in the end the big question is how soon will work social and business restrictions be lifted this is Ryan Stanton and batch your interview minutes listen to in the oil patch radio Sundays at eight PM on newsradio seven forty KT R. H. and final cast on the I heart radio app and keep up with the oil and gas industry online at shale mag dot com this is news radio seven forty KT R. H. Houston and I heart radio station now the latest weather and traffic from the gallery furniture made in America studios really the economic tension well more like a big squeeze from corona virus I'm sure a prior it's eight o'clock on newsradio seven forty KTRE let's get traffic in our weather together your skyline are you we go share a two eighty eight north bound at the south loop look out that's is a stalled vehicle in the interchange ramps up fun to say and tough to get around if you're north found watch out for those records they have cleared a wreck off the south loop at forty five it's out of the way maybe it's two minutes away if you're coming up the ship channel bridge I'm sky Mike in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center we've got rain possibly strong even severe storms developing as we head into the afternoon as a cold front gets closer it's a sixty percent chance of thunderstorms later.

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