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We so but we're going to tell you what we believe very strongly is happening because I know there are conflicting reports out there. The news was leaked and Tom Brady had a plan for how he was going to get the information out there. It is now being walked back by some people, but all indications seem to continue to point to Tom Brady, even to the even to the end of saying his mind wasn't made up yet to be able to create enough separation between that and when he actually gets to do it once to control this narrative. It honestly may have to do with a produced piece of content that has yet to come out. There's a lot of things here that are in the works that Tom Brady has a plan for how he wants this word out there and Scheffer and ESPN screwed it up. And right now they're trying to put that put it back in the bag. That is very, very, very, very, very likely what is happening right now? I do not believe the report is wrong. We do not believe it. We do not believe it's being walked back. We don't believe Tom made the decision and then all of a sudden got cold feet and decided against it. If it changes, we will hop back on here and say, whoops, sorry, Tom Brady didn't retire, but we don't believe that that's what's happening right now. Yeah, you said it exactly how it is. This feels because it felt weird that all out that these guys would do it. Yeah, that always happening was an Adam Schefter tweet. It didn't make sense, especially with what we've seen from Tom Brady recently in his career now that it has become a brand man quite frankly, TV 12 and the whole brand has become a part of who he is as a football player, he's got videos, he's got Twitter and social media plans. He's got probably a video of him talking about it and him going one on one with Jim gray or somebody else about his retirement and this is this is not how it was supposed to go. And I think like you said earlier, Adam Schefter probably fell like this is out there, everybody else is gonna have it within the next 24 hours. I'm gonna run with it. But the campaign for Tom Brady's retirement was not ready to go yet. And Adam Schefter jumped the gun here and got out in front of it. And now they have to walk it back so that they can reset up the launch of the Brady or retirement tour. For what it's worth, Rick Stroud, who is reporter extraordinaire out of Tampa. And has is obviously extremely plugged in there. He broke two Antonio Brown stories recently. So he's been all over everything there. Extremely plugged in, backs up silver's report that Brady has indeed called the GM to say no official decision has been made yet. Again, I don't believe this changes anything in terms of where this is going outside of the fact that we do believe there is a plan for how this information is coming out there. And it didn't get out the way Tom wanted it..

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