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Firing of james kubo all of it feels like forever ago in 2017 may balanced may so wasn't even like that that that long ago but see trump's tweeting oh is if you take a look at let me go through more the list here with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record mr weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual believes that they runs you gotta have two parties that was leaving that that was his spokesperson acrimony tober tenth make our planet great again that was the emmanuel macron the statement on the withdrawal of the united states for the paris climate agreement on june a jewfirst up by the way i'm taking issue with foreign five this is the first time ever these i get third notable quotes not the most famous quotes 'cause i don't remember either of those all right but putting it is notable means that was important to navy to these associated press repair lee race are we can't had the inmates running the prison that was robert mcnair the owner of the houston texas football team describing players protests in the national anthem but if that's an old that's an old phrase i'm about ready to tear this up because i'm not that impressed yeah while the the reason that was notables because a lot of players took that as the racial lies that right okay i got oh that makes sense the they put it in in a racial context you know acting like he was their warden or something like that can you kept me from tearing it up a few more your warren beatty and faye dunaway and the academy as i do remember the academy award for best picture is la la land yet it was not bit lower layers uh let's see bob corker it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center that was back in october a bob corker the republican senator from tennessee and then uh the last one on the list here was there is too much money in the world that was lawrence luring art dealer reacting to the sale of a painting possibly by leonardo da vinci for four hundred fifty million dollars is quoted in the new york times for those your associated press notable notable quotable 2017 and are not changing my opinion of not liking countdown list for the will probably end up doing a couple more though sam scalia scouring gone co sam we'll bring you the top five stories you need to know for tuesday coming up next on twin cities news talk justice is through flu who twin cities news talk.

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