Ambassador Sunland, Lynn, Donald Trump discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Ambassador Sunland had a direct line of communication into president trump I did it with and you testified rather than that text message about her son Lynn says to call him after you wrote that did you in fact call him I did and why what did he say to you he said that I had I was wrong about president trump's intent that there was no quid pro quo and what did he say anything after that did you describe to you I believe you said out of refresh your memory that thank you he mentioned something in Europe you in opening statement you said that he said that everything I believe in you had that in quotes was actually contingent on the initiation of these investigations what did he mean by everything was gone what he meant by everything was this security systems and the White House meeting and I believe you you also testified that he said he had made a mistake and relaying a message to the Ukrainians what was that mistake mistake he told me it was earlier he had told presumably president Zelinsky and Mister your mark and that what was this is sherry for the White House meeting was the pursuit of these investigations and he said he recognizes that was a mistake is not just the White House meeting that was dependent on the investigations he said it was now everything is included the security assistance so was not just the White House meeting it was also the security assistance differ.

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