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Thirty dollars is it because you wanted to Canada because I bought in Canada that's the only difference insulin is cheaper in Canada primarily because the country has public health care so the government to go sheets pricing with drug companies and caps prices in the United States and drug makers negotiate individually with private insurance companies and the uninsured a list price about seven and a half million Americans rely on insulin to stay alive the drug is largely supplied by three companies who all offer patient assistance programs in a statement no one orders told CBS news we recognize that our healthcare system is broken the added we know more must be done to ensure insulin affordability and we are committed to being part of the solution but some states are taking their own steps to lower the cost Florida passed a law that would allow large batches of drugs to be legally imported from Canada into the state and Colorado capped insulin because at a hundred dollars per monthly supply is this a Democrat Republican situation there's a Republican toward Alex there's Democrats who are diabetic and all of us struggle to forty one to me this is a human rights issue Nystrom says she's lucky to be able to make the trip many people couldn't afford to miss work coming to Canada is not a long term solution coming to Canada as putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound for CBS this morning media VLDL London Ontario Canada W. W. news time one twenty four will take a look at your money at the Bloomberg business to us coming up next your eye and health.

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