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Put a sign slap. It sounds like a good idea. The overall winner was Sarah Parsons from the prevailed elementary school in Broomfield. School. It inspires me to loan. Very good at what did you draw your picture to remember? The house. Swimming. So if your school had a roller coaster, a tree house in a swimming pool. It would be pretty good wouldn't it? Does your school have those things yet? Sarah's winning picture will be featured on the school building a his annual report. For more information on parenting, go to CBS Boston dot com with this parent report, I'm Doug cope. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. It is a twenty-seven. A frantic woman reports are baby kidnapped hours later the baby is found in now as ABC's Pete combs reports the mother is behind bars distraught mother calls police in Asheville North Carolina to report her baby. Kidnap two hours later. Police. Get another nine one one call from a man in Henderson county. Cheerful Griffin says the seven week old baby had been thrown down a seventy foot ravine and somehow survived. The baby's mother thirty five Madden is now behind bars accused of trying to kill her own baby asked for the child. Little shayla is in very good condition. Pete combs ABC news.

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