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I'm curious how. Sam deals with watching since he works at night for sirius. Xm does he stay off twitter to avoid. Spoilers does he have it on in the background when he does his show. It's gotta be tougher a wrestling fan. You it's a good question. I watch I usually see the first hour. Like i usually keep an eye on the first hour of and i'm also getting all my stuff together for what i'm gonna do. I don't do a ton of wrestling on the syria show. I do some but not on So yeah i actually do what. I'm doing the show. I have it on in the background. I got three. Tv's studio and one of them has raw on mute and there have been multiple times where i'm trying to talk about like the election or some news story. Your take something seriously and like my of thought. It's totally drones. I don't know when sammy dane. And i want to know what happened or like charlotte just slapped ric flair and go a sharp turn on. I'm like let me focus. That does happen. But i always I always dvr raw. And then i get home at like two o'clock in the morning and watch raw fast forwarding through the commercials like late at night. So i owe and and and you know and sometimes i fast forward a little bit because i've got. I've seen visual spoilers. But other times. Like you know if ambrose does something visually. I don't really know what happened. Because i'm only half paying attention. I'm kinda pump to get home and figure out what what historian just saw was very cool. All right let's Let's take one more call in one more email and we'll wrap up the show Let's Let's go to miami florida. believe Golden state your name and confirm call. Hey what's going on guys d- Vip mr dj on to remember. Thanks for calling. What have you got for having me today. I got frequent things first thing is. I'm a huge huge fan assam's from back in the day Can you can you tell us the story about jr. And when. Vince started in his pants to jr ever say he ever got in trouble for that and the other one was van. The vein dingo when he came out. That was that was great too. Because everybody pop for that one and my my two quick things is prediction. The money in the bank. And you guys thinks that. If i feel like they're leaving money on the table with with With you know would seen a. Because i think seeing the bell and he had the briefcase. I think that'd be way better than steam them now. Because i'm big fan. What they're doing this is. This is what i wanna see on sunday. There's no other really match. I wanna see now. I gotta be honest. Dj hold on. I gotta be honest. I don't understand anything about your three point. I don't understand what you know where we're Aj sorry aj encina. I other see. Aj half the the briefcase in seeing how the belt compared to what now. Because i feel like they're leaving money on the table. 'cause they can go into wrestlemainia like that and they you know you know what i mean. They draw that one all right. Go go ahead sam. Tackle any of those. I took some notes if we if we need a reminder. Okay no yeah. I think the first one. The jr is a great example of guys. Who wanna interview at the right time because jr came in. And you know we had time. We had like an hour and a half or whatever it was and and i sat down with him and he was non employed by wwe so it was like i just run down all the big that wanted to know about it. And that's what we talked about. He did yeah. He did He did have a story about a man shorting. And i do think that it made. Tmz but i don't i mean i don't think jerry got in trouble for it because he while he hasn't been back. Wwe so maybe he did but Yeah the other thing The fan he said funding. I don't know who that is. But i assume he meant fundanga bond though. Yeah that was a that was a fun. One that was when i was working with opie and anthony and it turned on wrestling fan and the attitude era. They both did. They watched in a while so opie turned on wrestling. And he came in the next day. And this was the lead to wrestlemainia when dongo wouldn't russell 'cause they wouldn't say his name right and totally. Just got such a kick out of this and i was explaining it to him blah blah. So anyway we got in touch with. Wwe and everything. And and said i wanna go to wrestlemainia. Now i wanna see this thing. I haven't been in a while so we got In this was the one in new york twenty nine. We got signed down. Go to come in and his full attire. You know his his title the whole thing and He came in and the any he gave opie. And anthony and norton wrestlemainia tickets. But only if they would say his name right and so they had this and then and then he has Jim norton Lotion up his body's. So god i refuse to answer questions unless they pronounce his name right to. So i i buy some and then the The other questions were the money in the bank ladder. I is that what was it gets feature making a pitch. Ray j b into the money in the bank match not basing. Sina i disagree. I like what they're doing with. Aj encina yeah. I do too. I think that can go on. I think that like i age. Anc and are going to be separated by the draft. And i think that this summer is going to be a blow off to a lot of things and then i think the draft is really gonna take stronghold around september. Like i for instance. I as far as money in the bank. I don't yeah. I'm fine with the way the cards laid out you know i. I don't seen a is a highlight in himself so to put the title on sina almost be overkill because they think roman and steph. It makes that much better. Whereas i don't think john cena matches better by title. 'cause john cena returning But i I don't think is gonna i think we'll get a shield triple threat match at summerslam. But i don't think he'll win the money in the bank Thank you for listening to the keller. Pro wrestling podcast. Be sure to subscribe. Also if you haven't yet subscribed to the keller pro wrestling. Po shows this show. 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