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And then mike sue all of his ability to see where things are going in life foresight and ability to get things done. It's like that's a big part of life. I'm taking to the city council and we're gonna see what we can do and he says look. We got this east. We found it in your city. It doesn't belong to anybody but we wanted to belong to the city. We're going to give it to you. And the city council said it. I love that we're going to give you this day so june. I is now missing. Link day and i've gone on very long time at this point in time and also i'm trying to say here is is. We found a piece of cincinnati history living limiting yeast. In that. the chance of this. I can't even underplay are basically zero. It's a needle in haystack. We found it. We isolated with our friends omega yeast in chicago. They propped up and they banked it in their frozen storage. And now where at this point and twenty twenty one where any time that any brewery in cincinnati wants to make a beer with this yeast can call up a mega use labs. They can order pitch and they can literally recreate a partisan sonetti history. So we've been able to call up. Our friends like colin at west side and say hey man. We wanna do this festival. Are you down for bruin with this. Weird fucking east. I don't know how it's gonna work on your system but can you try it. It and collins's like hell ya and and why is it called missing link. Well we found it other than the pun. it. I'm responsible for the punt but it was found in what was originally the f. and j. a link brewery so this is only in operation for five years we in eighteen fifty five eighteen sixty but then after that after after they went under almost every great large brewery in the city aged beer there. So the crazy thing about the space is that it touched at least a dozen of the largest most important breweries in nineteenth century. Cincinnati and. That's one of the really cool things about this. She said we have no idea where the hell came from you. You mentioned the last time that it could even been some bootleggers sneaking down there. During prohibition and making some bootleg whiskey or some beer something actually might dust gas which is still awesome right. It's still still means in dates back to like you know the hundred years ago right right. It's the probability of getting brewer's yeast out of that out of out of a lot of spaces. Let alone somewhere like that is just so astronomically improbable that The whole idea is just. It's perfect for a place like urban artifacts to come across it and to help make this a reality and the fact that you're able to take that and bring it into places that maybe are a little different than what you. It's not surprising that you guys would be making something like that. He is the pulled out of some seller underground that that makes sense but some of these other places that have jumped on board from wooden casks super traditional place like like west side fibonacci. I don't know if i can consider you guys super traditional. You have kind of cover the gamut but You have the traditional side to you that we wouldn't expect to see something like that something we typically do so it. it's it's it ties it all together and it. It makes me feel really good about this community and the excitement of craft beer. We asked calling to do this initially. And he's like. I'm i'm sorry. What are you mean. The shitty sets diced atticus and doesn't attenuate for shit on its own. You tell me. I got with this and then put it into cam. Yeah but i'm going to say two things about two people number. One chris. sale bog was actually the city council member who took this resolution that made the first weekend of june in a missing link day in cincinnati and So shout out to him and and thanks for that. Council unanimously passed that back in twenty nine thousand nine but we have a holiday. Yeah and so shall out the seal bog Shout out to bret for you know just taking the time to to take this crazy adventure and and doing it and then making a fantastic beer out of it but you know because You know we are here today. We're here today at west side brewing for the reason that colin is just hands fucking down one of the best brewers i have ever known in so it. This west side version of missing. That were tasteless. We all make each we almost from the beer. I got an email. Tell me tell me a little bit about your version of visit. Because i think it's so cool now that we get to i. Urban did two versions of it. There was a book the first year you guys brewed kind of a small batch than the golden golden and ale. Something like that. Two years ago now the world is exploded. And there's missing lincoln all kinds of different beers around town including this one. So tell us kind of your. How how did you number one. How did you come up with what this was gonna be or did you kind of know. I actually really struggled with this one. So we're obviously. If i was if i was a smarter. Man i would have brewed a two barrel pilot batch. I worth of funding that. But what makes you so so weird. Are you talking about just Yeah just the description so It's diet static as positive which means that it has that has the ability to take sugars. that normal brewer's yeast wouldn't ferment and has the ability to kind of those down into fermentable sugars. But it's also kind of like brett Kinda like kinda like bread. Although brett generally is more breaking down like astros and females fermentable sugars or less funky brett gotcha. Yeah but but then the east is also malta's negative which means pretend so so obviously malkani today so multidose Is a sugar. That's found in malt right and so typical brewer's can ferment. Multidose its main nutritional source. So this one's really weird can't firm malta's but it is diced addicts positive so it could break down other sugars. That aren't fermentable and ferment. Them and then on top of that just kind of sensory description. I got Yeah really struggled with it. Leaves some of the stuff that other brewer's yeast with typically eat up the other stuff that other brewers yeast wouldn't be able to from that's interesting. Yeah and then the sensory description. That guy was was kind of weird to like. Kind of vaguely belgian ginny So i i kind of leaned into that belgian direction with west sides and made a a crane. bill is pale malts Kind of vaguely like a belgian blonde type grain bill And then through through missing link east at it and then it gets weirder over time which is also another strange thing with his yeast. is that it. It will be clean at first and then it just gets funky and it gets and it gets drier and it gets more carbonated in like it's a used. It's an untamed east. It's a wild yeast. it's it's just it's it's awesome to see what collin did it's awesome to see what we did. Urban artifact is awesome to see what these five are the to. It's randy did. I mean we just drank the sample of the wooden cask and We were actually talking before we drank. That wouldn't catch me. One guys.

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